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Approved inspection station

What is an Approved Inspection Station?

An Approved Inspection Station (AIS) is a fixed premises such as a service station, garage or mechanical workshop approved by the Department of Transport and Main Roads for the purpose of issuing safety certificates and certificates of inspection. A fixed AIS may have a mobile AIS as part of their approval.

At an AIS, vehicles are inspected by an approved examiner.

What is an approved examiner?

An approved examiner (AE) is accredited by the department under the provisions of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management – Accreditation and Other Provisions) Regulation 2005 to inspect vehicles at an Approved Inspection Station (AIS) for the purpose of issuing an inspection certificate.

AIS scheme changes and updates

When changes are made to the AIS scheme it is important that industry, AISs, AEs and the general public are aware of the changes to ensure compliance. To make this process as transparent as possible, the department will post information about changes and updates to the Information Sheet for scheme changes and updates (Information sheet 10) available on the 'Information Sheet' section of this page from the first of each month.

It is recommended that all AIS and AEs check this information sheet monthly to keep abreast of changes and/or updates that have occurred or are due to occur within the AIS scheme.

It is also recommended that you regularly check changes to vehicle standards to ensure you keep up to date with any changes to vehicle standards.

Intended outcomes of AIS

Department of Transport and Main Roads

Manages the scheme to ensure registered vehicles are safe to use on a road, when being offered for sale, when the vehicle is being registered and when the registration is being transferred.

Approved inspection station

Issue safety certificates or Certificates of Inspection for vehicles to verify that they are safe to use on a road.


To provide assurance that your vehicle is safe to use on a road and allow you to conduct business transactions concerning your vehicle with the Department of Transport and Main Roads with the required documentation.

Business rules

The purpose of the business rules for approved inspection stations (business rules) is to set out the administrative practices to be followed by the AIS and its staff.  

Suitable person assessment

The department uses the Suitable Persons Policy as part of the assessment of applications for both AIS and AE. The department considers information contained in a criminal history check using the suitable person's policy (PDF, 219 KB) as a guide. Information contained in a criminal history check using the suitable person's policy as a guide. 

Certificate of Inspections in special circumstances

AISs that hold HV and HT vehicle inspection categories can apply to inspect and issue Certificate of Inspections (COIs) for registered vehicles with a GVM over 16 tonne and/or unregistered trailers with an ATM over 10 tonne in special circumstances.

The Approved Inspection Stations to issue Certificate of Inspections in special circumstances—policy and procedures is used to determine the suitability of an AIS to issue COIs in special circumstances. 

Current AIS and AE fees

Check the current AIS and AE fees.

Information sheets

The following information sheets have more information on this scheme and it is recommended that you read all information sheets relevant to any application that you are considering before you apply, as incomplete applications may be returned:

Application forms

Reorder forms 

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02 October 2014