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Approved inspection station scheme

A fixed premises where vehicles can be inspected and is open to the public during business hours can be approved as an Approved Inspection Station (AIS). Following inspection, an AIS issues inspection certificates for vehicles to be registered or registered vehicles that have been sold and are being transferred. The inspection certificates provide assurance that a vehicle is safe to use on the road.

An AIS can be approved to issue safety certificates for light vehicles and certificates of inspection for heavy vehicles. Before the AIS can issue these inspection certificates, the AIS must have approved examiners (AEs) who have been accredited by the department to conduct inspections on these types of vehicles.

When assessing applications for an AIS approval, the department applies the suitable person's policy as part of the application.

Local government approval requirements

An AIS premises may require approval from local government and/or another statutory body (for example, the Environmental Protection Agency). The applicant/approval holder is responsible for ensuring that this is done prior to lodging the application for a new AIS or relocating an AIS.

Electronic communication

On the application form, you will be asked to consent to the department communicating electronically with you. This will enable efficient communication, minimising your waiting time to receive documents from the department.


Audits may be conducted during the period of approval to assess the approval holder’s compliance with the conditions of approval. If a mobile AIS is part of the AIS Approval, the vehicle will need to be available at the fixed premises during the audit.

If an offence is detected as part of the audit, compliance action may be taken against the AIS approval holder and/or the AE.

The current audit checklist can be viewed to assess the ability of the approval holder to comply with the conditions of the AIS approval.

AIS Scheme information sheets

For information on:

Business rules, legislation and approved codes of practice

The AIS and its staff must comply with the Business Rules for Approved Inspection Station, the legislative requirements and the approved codes of practice.

Relevant legislation for the AIS scheme can be found on the Queensland Government Legislation website and includes:

  • Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995
  • Transport Operations (Road Use Management – Accreditation and Other Provisions) Regulation 2005
  • Transport Operations (Road Use Management – Vehicle Standards and Safety) Regulation 2010
  • Heavy Vehicle National Law Act 2012.

Relevant codes of practice for conducting vehicle inspections are:

AIS application forms

The below application forms can be downloaded from the internet.

AIS Applications

Nominee applications

Approved Examiner Applications

Reorder forms for inspection certificates

Voluntary surrender of AIS approval

An AIS approval holder may voluntarily surrender their AIS approval. For information on how to do this refer to the AIS scheme information sheet for changes to an approved inspection station.

AIS scheme changes and updates

When changes are made to the AIS scheme, it is important that industry, AISs, approved examiners and the general public are aware of the changes. To make this process as transparent as possible, the department posts information about changes and updates to the AIS information sheet for scheme changes and updates from the first of each month.

It is recommended that all AISs and approved examiners check this information sheet regularly.

It is also recommended that you regularly check the vehicle standards webpage to ensure that you keep up to date with changes to vehicle standards.

Add or remove an Approved Examiner from an AIS

The approval holder or nominee has to advise the AIS scheme administrator when an approved examiner starts or finishes working at an AIS. For further information refer to the AIS scheme information sheet for changes to an approved inspection station.

Contact details

To contact the AIS Scheme Administrator or for any further questions email

Last updated
23 March 2015