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Mass import management scheme

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has been established to administer the new Heavy Vehicle National Law 2012, which is scheduled to commence on 10 February 2014. Once fully established, the NHVR will be a one-stop-shop for the majority of your heavy vehicle business.

The Mass Import Management Scheme (MIMS) is an alternative method for prime mover semi trailer and B-double combinations carrying import containers, exceeding regulation mass limits, to comply with the requirements of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management – Mass, Dimension and Loading) Regulation 2005.

Combinations operating under the concession scheme, transporting unevenly loaded containers and overmass containers, will now be able to transport the load from the Brisbane Port to an area in close proximity to the port. There the container can be opened and load transferred to an appropriate transport mode.

Vehicles operating under this scheme will be permitted to operate under the following limits:

  • Prime mover semi trailer combinations are allowed up to an additional 3.4t applied to the gross mass, with up to 10% additional mass on axle groups.
  • B-Double combinations are allowed up to an additional 6.8t applied to the gross mass, with up to 11% additional mass on axle groups.

The MIMS information bulletin  provides a more detailed explanation of the policy on the MIMS. For additional information about the scheme please email

Operators intending to join this scheme are required to complete and submit the following application forms as per Information Bulletin instructions:

Last updated
29 June 2014