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Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme (TIDS) is a component of a funding program aimed at supporting the local transport infrastructure needs of regional, rural and remote communities throughout Queensland.

The program seeks to:

  • improve transport access to ATSI communities
  • support development in the regions (e.g. tourism, freight transport in and to remote areas).

Expenditure of TIDS funding in ATSI communities is for the upgrade of transport infrastructure (roads, air and sea) to improve access to indigenous communities. An annual statewide funding allocation of $8.2 million across Queensland's 34 communities is provided to improve access and transport infrastructure (such as roads, aerodromes, barge ramps and jetties).

The department's far north region's TIDS and Marine Unit plays a role in capacity building for these regional indigenous councils and workforces by providing supervisory services to assist councils in delivery of the ATSI TIDS program.

ATSI TIDS funding has significantly improved access to remote indigenous centres. Across the state over 25% of the access roads to ATSI communities are now bitumen sealed, with an additional 20km of bitumen seal added in 2012/13. In the last year extensive work was undertaken on the access roads to Aurukun, Bamaga, Hammond Island, Hopevale, Lockhart River, Mapoon, St Pauls community, Woorabinda and Wujal Wujal.

Heavy Equipment Management and Training Program

In the Torres Strait, a Heavy Equipment Management and Training Program (HEMTP) or 'plant pool', managed by the department, has supported significant infrastructure upgrades for the past 10 years. HEMTP grew from the recognition that at the time (around 2001) many councils could not by themselves acquire and properly maintain much needed heavy equipment. Also without this plant and training, many councils were unable to carry out essential civil works.

The 2008 amalgamation of all Torres Strait councils into 1 saw a transformation of HEMTP to an increased involvement of the Torres Strait Island Regional Council (TSIRC). The department’s far north region continues to support the region and TSIRC.

The major achievements of the program have been:

  • the sealing of all 11 aerodromes
  • sealing or paving of all town streets
  • access to transport nodes
  • provision of a number of housing subdivisions
  • sporting field upgrades.

Overall, the program aims to provide capacity building, management training to local island workers through participation in civil projects and access to heavy machinery—as well as value for money through coordination of infrastructure delivery and sharing of resources.

Last updated
20 September 2016