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Getting a heavy vehicle licence

To upgrade your licence to a heavy vehicle licence (class LR, MR, HR, HC) you must pass a practical driving test. If you only hold a car (class C) or motorbike (class RE or R) licence you will also need to pass a written heavy vehicle road rules test.

Choosing your test vehicle

For your driving test, you must drive a vehicle that is representative of the type of vehicle as the licence class you are applying for. For example, you need a class LR licence to drive a bus less than 4.5 t GVM which is built or fitted to carry more than 12 adults (including the driver). This vehicle cannot however, be used for the purpose of a practical driving test for a class LR as it is not considered to be representative of the range of vehicles that can be driven on a class LR licence. See the table below for examples of vehicles that meet the requirements for each class.

Minimum heavy vehicle test standards

Licence class Vehicle requirement 
LR (light rigid) A bus or truck more than 4.5 t GVM but not more than 8 tonne GVM
MR (medium rigid) A bus or truck more than 8 t GVM, with not more than two axles.
HR (heavy rigid) A bus or a truck more than 15 t GVM, with at least three axles.
Note: the test cannot be taken in a bobtail prime mover.
HC (heavy combination)

A prime mover more than 15 t GVM with at least three axles and semi-trailer with at least two axles.

A truck more than 15 t GVM with at least three axles and trailer more than 9 t GVM with at least two axles.

A vehicle of more than 12 t GVM must carry at least 3 portable warning triangles for the test.

On-road driving test times

The on-road driving test times for the different heavy vehicle licence classes are:

  • LR – 25 to 35 minutes 
  • MR and HR – 60 to 70 minutes 
  • HC – 70 to 80 minutes.

Uncontrolled events may affect the duration of your test.

Last updated
12 December 2014