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Licence fees

The cost of new cards, test fees, product fees and application fees are set out below. All fees are in Australian dollars.

Please note: The transition to the new cards commenced late 2010; and although laminated driver licences are still recognised (provided they are current), customer service centres are no longer issuing this product. The new card fees refers to the new Queensland driver licence card. To see where you can get yours, visit card availability. For more information on cards available, visit the new cards.

New card fees

CardCost as of
1 July 2013
Learner Licence—3 years $144.75
Replacement (existing term only) $63.70
Driver Licence
1 year $66.45
2 year $92.65
3 year $114.65
4 year $132.65
5 year $148.80
Additional fee for grant of licence with code I (alcohol interlock) $263.15
Replacement (existing term only) $63.70
Recreational Marine Driver Licence $92.95
Personal Watercraft Licence $92.95
Adult Proof of Age Card $58.05
*Dangerous Goods—3 years $47.25
*Escort Vehicle Driver and Pilot Vehicle Driver—3 years $157.60
*Traffic Controller—3 years $161.80
*Driver Trainer—1 year $264.60
*Driver Authorisation—Taxi or Limousine
1 year $126.85
2 year $197.20
3 year $262.85
4 year $328.50
5 year $394.20
*Tow Truck—1 year $91.00

Test fees

TestCost as of
1 July 2013
Road rules test $20.80
Practical driving test $48.80
Hazard perception test $17.25

Product fees

ProductCost as of
1 July 2013
Replacement learner logbook $18.15
Extract from a driver's licence record $20.25
Extract from a driver's traffic history $20.25

Exemption application fees

Application for an exemption fromCost as of
1 July 2013
learner logbook requirements $36.15
high-powered (high performance) vehicle restrictions $36.15
late night driving restrictions $36.15
alcohol interlock requirements $34.95

*Industry authorities may be subject to criminal history checks. For a full list of fees associated with industry authorities please visit the business and industry section of this website.

Last updated
11 December 2013