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Young drivers

In July 2007, the Queensland Government introduced the graduated licensing system to reduce fatalities on our roads, particularly among young motorists.

Young drivers aged 17-24 years are one and a half times as likely to be involved in fatal crashes as drivers aged 25-59 years. That's why the Queensland Government introduced new laws to change the licensing system for young drivers.

New laws

The changes that have been introduced since July 2007 include:

  • The minimum learner age was lowered to 16 years of age and the learner licence period was extended to a minimum period of one year.
  • Learner drivers under 25 years of age must gain 100 hours of certified supervised driving experience recorded in a learner logbook before being eligible to apply for a provisional licence. Note: Learner drivers and their supervisors may choose to use the online electronic logbook* system that has been developed by RACQ to record the required 100 hours driving experience.
  • Mobile phone use, including hands-free, blue-tooth accessories and loud-speaker functions, has been restricted for learner and P1 licence holders under 25 years of age.
  • Supervisors and passengers of learner drivers under 25 years of age cannot use a phone that is on loudspeaker but can use a hand held or hands-free mobile phone where only a one-way conversation can occur and not distract the driver.
  • To be eligible to apply for a motorcycle learner licence, you must have held a provisional or open licence of another class for at least one year in the last five years.
  • A two-phased P1 and P2 licence system has been introduced.
  • L-plates (a black L on a yellow background) and P-plates (a red P-plate for P1 and green P-plate for P2) are now compulsory.
  • Peer passenger restrictions were introduced – P1 provisional licence holders under 25 years of age can only carry one passenger aged under 21 years between 11pm and 5am.
  • High-powered vehicles are restricted for provisional drivers under 25 years of age.
  • Drivers must pass a hazard perception test to progress from a P1 to a P2 or open licence (dependant on age).
  • Restrictions, such as no late night driving, have been introduced for disqualified and suspended young drivers.

Instructions for getting a licence (from learner to open), and advice for supervising a learner driver are included in this website.

Please contact us for more information about licensing laws and regulations.

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15 April 2015