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Coomera Exit 54 interchange upgrade—Pacific Motorway


The Pacific Motorway Coomera Interchange (Exit 54) of the will be upgraded to cater for continued growth in the Coomera area.


Pacific Motorway, Coomera


Increased safety for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.


Seymour Whyte Constructions


The state government has committed $47.4 million in addition to a $10 million commitment from the Australian Government and $17.3 million commitment from the Coomera Town Centre developers.

South Coast Region

Project info

The Coomera area currently has 1 interchange connected to the Pacific Motorway (M1) located at Foxwell Road (Exit 54). This includes on and off ramps in both directions and connectivity across the M1.

The interchange provides access for motorists/residents in the various new residential developments on the eastern and western side of the M1, as well as access to major attractions such as Dreamworld (on the eastern side) and large private schools/colleges, commercial and industrial estates and various amenities such as the BP Service Centre (on the western side).

The upgrade of the existing interchange is required to cater for the continued growth of the Coomera area.

The upgrade includes:

  • a new bridge over the M1 north of the existing structure for eastbound traffic
  • upgrade of both existing roundabouts to signalised intersections with a focus on reducing the risk of queuing on the motorway ramps that potentially causes interference with the safe operation of the M1
  • northbound loop off-ramp providing eastbound connection to Foxwell Road
  • a modified approach to the intersection from Abraham Road
  • realignment of the southbound off ramp to intersect with the Old Pacific Highway (service road)
  • minor realignment of the Old Pacific Highway to intersect with Foxwell Road
  • provision for pedestrians and cyclists
  • street lighting amendments
  • realignment and provision for ramp metering signals on the northbound on ramp.

Key milestones

  • Mid-2015: detailed design complete
  • July 2015: construction commences
  • Late 2016: construction complete (weather, site and contractor conditions permitting)

Traffic info

What to expect:

  • Traffic congestion and travel time delays
  • Frequently changing traffic conditions
  • Speed restrictions in all work zones.

Motorists should choose alternative routes whenever possible and allow extra travel time.

Community info

Contact details

Phone: 1800 657 248
Fax: 07 5563 6611
Post: Department of Transport and Main Roads
PO Box 442
Nerang Qld 4211

Media gallery

Exit 54 western side: April 2016
Exit 54 western side: April 2016

Exit 54 full site: April 2016
Exit 54 full site: April 2016

Exit 54 east and west: April 2016
Exit 54 east and west: April 2016

Latest news

Major traffic changes are expected in July 2016 (weather, site and contractor conditions permitting).

On the western side of the interchange (Days Road, Abraham Road, northbound on and off ramps) changes will progressively be made during night works in mid-July:

  • Traffic signals will be switched on, replacing the existing roundabout.
  • Northbound loop off-ramp opened to traffic.
  • New overpass bridge opened to 2 lanes eastbound and 1 lane westbound.
  • Traffic signals switched on at the Coomera BP Service Centre northbound exit.

On the eastern side of the interchange (Foxwell Road, Whitewater Way, Dreamworld Parkway, Old Pacific Highway service road) the following changes will be made during night works:

  • New roundabout connecting the southbound off-ramp, Coomera Cemetery and the Old Pacific Highway service road will be opened to traffic from Friday 1 July.
  • Additional lanes will be opened at the Foxwell Road intersection.

These changed traffic conditions will not be in the final alignments. Temporary layouts are required so that work can continue on building centre medians and road shoulders. Final lane configurations should be ready for traffic in the next few months.

Last updated
30 June 2016