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South East Queensland Integrated Regional Transport Plan 1997

This was a 25 year plan to develop and manage the transport system in a way that supported the agreed plans for accommodating the region's expected major population and employment growth from 1997 to 2022. The Department of Transport and Main Roads is now developing Connecting SEQ 2031 a new draft IRTP for South East Queensland. Information on the new draft IRTP is available on the Transport and Main Roads Connecting SEQ 2031 webpage, or on the project website at

South east Queensland


The IRTP was prepared with the benefit of significant community input on the type of transport system needed. It sought to find a balance between private motor travel, public transport and cycling and walking. It proposed ways to meet needs for access to important services without generating unnecessary vehicle trips.

Metropolitan Region, South Coast Region

Project info

The 1997 IRTP remains available for reference purposes only.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads has now prepared a new IRTP; the draft Connecting SEQ 2031: an Integrated Transport Plan for South East Queensland. To download the 2010 draft plan, and for more information on Connecting SEQ 2031, visit the Transport Main Roads Connecting SEQ 2031 webpage and the project website at

The Integrated Regional Transport Plan for South East Queensland 1997 (IRTP) was the blueprint for a transport system to meet the region's transport challenges from 1997 to 2022. It was developed through a process of extensive public consultation and input which helped to shape the plan.

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Connecting SEQ 2031: An Integrated Regional Transport Plan for South East Queensland 

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01 April 2014