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Buying or selling a used vehicle

Used car safety ratings

If you are buying a used car, it's worth considering whether your car's safety and design features are likely to protect you or harm other road users in a crash. The most recent version of the Used Car Safety Ratings Buyer's Guide for Passenger vehicles built from 1996 can help you decide whether that car you've set your sights on is right for you. Previous editions of the buyer's guide* are available, with safety ratings of passenger vehicles built as far back as 1982.

How safe is your car?

View the buying a safer vehicle section before your next purchase, or visit the How Safe Is Your Car* website for detailed information about used car safety ratings and safety features that people should look for when buying used cars.

Buying a used vehicle?

If you are buying a used vehicle you need to ensure that there is a current Queensland safety certificate displayed. A safety certificate identifies the authorised inspection station that issued the certificate, and it must be displayed on the vehicle from the time it is offered for sale.

If a Queensland safety certificate is not displayed, it is likely the vehicle has not been checked and should not be considered for purchase. A buyer's checklist is available.

Selling a vehicle?

If you are selling a registered vehicle, you will need to obtain and display a Queensland safety certificate from the moment you offer the vehicle for sale. The safety certificate must be displayed on a conspicuous part of the vehicle. Contact an approved inspection station to arrange an inspection. Fees for inspections are paid directly to the station. A seller's checklist is available.

If you fail to display a Queensland safety certificate on the vehicle from the moment you offer it for sale you may receive an on-the-spot fine of $550.

Note: You are required to obtain and display a safety certificate on a registered vehicle when it is being offered for sale, even if you plan on cancelling the registration when the vehicle is sold.

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Last updated
11 February 2015