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Road rules for Fraser Island

4WDs on beach of Fraser Island

Driving on Fraser Island can challenge even experienced drivers. It's easy to get in trouble when driving in an unfamiliar and difficult environment. Laws are in place to help keep visitors safe.

All hire 4WDs used on Fraser Island must:

  • have all seats facing forward or rearward (not side-facing)
  • have a maximum of 8 seats
  • have all items stored securely inside the vehicle – below the top level of the door frame, and not the roof 
  • be fitted with seatbelts which meet Australian Design Rule standards.

These laws apply to hire vehicles only – private vehicles are exempt due to a reduced crash risk.

If you are found breaking these laws you will be given a fine. You will also get 3 demerit points if you exceed the carrying capacity of the vehicle.

In addition, lower speed limits apply for all vehicles:

  • 80 km/h on beaches
  • 30 km/h in townships and on inland tracks.

Beach driving is dangerous and requires a high level of concentration. These laws help make it safer for visitors to Fraser Island. 

Last updated
18 February 2016