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Rail safety reference material

Safety performance report guidance package

The safety performance report guidance package has been developed to assist accredited rail transport operators in preparing annual safety performance reports that comply with the Queensland Transport (Rail Safety) Act 2010.

The package includes:

National standard for health assessment of rail safety workers

A system for monitoring the health of rail safety workers has been developed by the National Transport Commission and approved by the Australian Transport Council.

This standard enables consistent application of health standards across the Australian rail industry. It aims to make the national rail system safer for everyone and to help rail workers stay fit and healthy. It reflects advances in medical knowledge, recent changes in rail operating environments and developments in privacy and anti-discrimination laws. Extensive consultation with industry, rail unions, rail safety regulators and health professionals was carried out in developing the standard.

Read more about the national health assessment of rail safety workers

Memorandum of Understanding 

Agreement between the department, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland, and the Electrical Safety Office.

Agreement between the department, Local Government of Queensland and Queensland Rail with respect to the management and funding responsibility for level crossing safety.

Agreement with ATSB in relation to provision of notifiable occurrences on the defined interstate rail network (DIRN) .

National Rail Safety Accident/Incident Reporting Requirements

The state and territory rail safety regulators have agreed on an amended set of occurrence categories and definitions to ensure national consistency in the notification and exchange of occurrence data. The Department of Transport and Main Roads implemented the

National Rail Safety Accident/Incident Reporting Requirements on 1 July 2008.

National Railway Level Crossing Safety Strategy 2017–2020

The aim of this document is to guide national coordination and practice on level crossing safety across jurisdictions.

This document provides an overview of the purpose and background to the strategy and details the key focus areas, actions, outcomes and measurement tools that will ultimately guide the work of the National Level Crossing Safety Committee. This document replaces the National Railway Level Crossing Safety Strategy 2010-2020 developed by the Australian Transport Council and builds upon the outcomes achieved through that Strategy, taking a strategic focus to deliver substantial outcomes over the next 3 years.

The objective is to provide national leadership and direction for the National Railway Level Crossing Safety Strategy 2017-2020.

Joint Investigation Protocol

This Joint Investigation Protocol outlines the processes used by the Rail Safety Regulation Branch to undertake joint investigations with accredited railway managers/operators to investigate occurrences to determine causal factors to reduce the likelihood of future occurrences. These investigations are conducted in partnership and follow a ‘no blame’ philosophy.

Compliance and Enforcement Policy for Managing Rail Safety in Queensland

With the introduction of the Transport (Rail Safety) Act 2010 on 1 September 2010 the Queensland Rail Safety Compliance and Enforcement Policy has been developed to reflect the National Compliance and Enforcement Policy developed by the National Transport Commission following the finalisation of the model national Rail Safety Legislation.

The Queensland policy includes new enforcement options such as Improvement Notices, Prohibition Notices and Embargo Notices which are included in the new Queensland rail safety legislation.

Annual levy

This page provides information on annual levy payable by accredited railways.

Transport (Rail Safety) Act 2010

The Transport (Rail Safety) Act 2010 provides the statutory requirements for rail safety accreditation within Queensland.

Transport (Rail Safety) Regulation 2010

This Regulation provides other requirements which support the Transport (Rail Safety) Act 2010.

Transport Infrastructure Act 1994

The department currently regulates the transport of dangerous goods by rail under the Transport Infrastructure Act 1994.

Transport Infrastructure (Dangerous Goods by Rail) Regulation 2008

The Transport Infrastructure (Dangerous Goods by Rail) Regulation 2008 aims to reduces risk by giving effect to the standards and requirements of the Australian Dangerous Goods code. It also promotes consistency between rail and other modes of transport in relation to the transport of dangerous goods.

Last updated
03 April 2017