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Safety reports

The following rail safety reports are available:

Rail safety regulator report

Factual report

Collision between train and passenger bus investigation, Cairns (15 June 2015)

Collision of passenger train with platform investigation, Cleveland (31 January 2013)

On 31 January 2013 at about 9:40am a Queensland Rail passenger rain failed to stop at the Cleveland station platform and collided with the end-of-line buffer stop, the platform and the station building.

There were 19 people on board the train (including the driver and a guard); 3 people on the platform and 5 were in the station building.

A number of people were treated for minor injuries and transported to hospital for further examination. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau conducted an investigation into this incident on behalf of the Queensland Government.

Mount Isa line derailment analysis 2008–2013

Serious Injury Collision, St Vincent's Road Banyo (14 September 2012)

On Friday 14 September 2012 at about 6.30am a heavy vehicle became grounded on the rail level crossing at St Vincents Road, Banyo. The vehicle was carrying a 38.5 tonne, 3.65m high electrical transformer on a low loader trailer.

Cairns Tilt Train derailment (Ingham–Hinchinbrook) 19 March 2011

At about 3.44pm on 19 March 2011 the Rail Traffic Crew (RTC) of a northbound Cairns Tilt Train observed track buckling on the Ingham–Hinchinbrook section of the North Coast Line. The RTC was of the belief they would be unable to stop the train prior to travelling over the buckle and attempted to ride out the buckle without braking. While traversing the buckle the lead power unit of the train derailed.

The investigation found that an underlying cause of the derailment was a history of track instability and defects in the area of derailment.

Child passenger falls from 'Sunlander' train service (21 December 2011)

On Wednesday 21 December 2011 a female passenger notified onboard staff that she was unable to locate her 5 year old son (male child) on the train. A search was conducted of the train by onboard staff, however the male child was not found. Investigations revealed that the male child had fallen from an open carriage door while the train was in motion.

Partington Investigation report (16 May 2011)

On Monday 16 May 2011, a freight train collided with a vehicle which had been driven through a protective fence and on to the rail line, resulting in a fatality. The investigation phase was finalised in early January 2012.

Keperra investigation report (7 May 2011)

At 12.01pm 7 May 2011, an electric mobility scooter drove over the edge of a station platform at Keperra Station, and into the path of a moving passenger train. The passenger train impacted with the scooter. As a result of the collision, the operator of the scooter was fatally injured. No damage was caused to the train and the rail traffic crew were uninjured.

XPT Brisbane to Sydney Passenger Service incident report (12 December 2010)

On 12 December 2010, the Brisbane to Sydney interstate passenger train service operated by Countrylink (XPT train NT32), departed Brisbane Roma Street station. The train derailed in the vicinity of platform 3 at South Brisbane station. The lead locomotive and one passenger car were derailed causing minor track damage. The occurrence caused some delays to suburban train services travelling through South Brisbane.

There were no reported injuries and passengers were transferred by bus to continue their journey.

Moranbah investigation report (8 July 2010)

On 8 July 2010, a coal train collided with a road vehicle at an Occupational Level Crossing near Goonyella Riverside Mine, Moranbah. The driver of the road vehicle was fatally injured and the passenger received serious injuries. The rail traffic crew were uninjured. An investigation of the incident was conducted by the Rail Safety Regulation Branch to explore systemic and compliance issues relating to the management of the rail corridor.

Mount Larcom inspection report (23 April 2010)

Kuranda major rail incident inspection report (26 March 2010)

At 10.10pm on 26 March 2010, the Kuranda Scenic Railway passenger train collided with a landslide at the 16km point on the Redlynch – Stoney Creek section of the Cairns–Kuranda railway line. There were 2 locomotives and 12 carriages on the service, with 242 passengers and 4 onboard staff. There were 6 minor injuries to passengers and 4 minor injuries to staff.

The leading bogie of the lead locomotive derailed, causing minor track damage. The locomotive and 2 passenger carriages received minor damage because of the sudden emergency braking and impact with the landslide. All train services through the Kuranda Range were cancelled until the landslide area was repaired and the line was certified safe for travel.

Independent review—Failures of QR Universal Traffic Control

On three separate occasions during November and December 2009, QR’s signalling control system known as Universal Traffic Control (UTC) experienced failures that disrupted the Brisbane suburban rail network. UTC provides the overall linking of train controllers with the signalling field equipment. As these failures invariably disrupted train services, the risks associated with the safety of passengers, emergency services access to trains, and the general public was of significant concern.

Mundoo rail incident report (1 January 2009)

Rungoo rail incident report (27 November 2008)

During the investigation, the department engaged Interfleet Technology to advise on the engineering and technical design of the tilt trains and to report on how the train acted during the crash. The following 5 documents were provided to the department over the course of the investigation.

Queensland Transport—Independent support for Cairns Tilt Train accident investigation

Stage 1 – Design compliance matrix

Stage 2 – Independent support for the Cairns Tilt Train accident investigation – summary of pending updates for ITPLR/1767/02 issue B

Stage 3 – Reconstruction of accident sequence

Stage 4 – Comparison of design and actual crashworthiness performance

Stage 5 – Comparison of design requirements and current international standards

Baining–Macalister rail incident report (5 June 2008)

Mindi rail incident report (7 December 2007)

Peak Downs near miss report (20 July 2007)

Goodna rail incident report (11 March 2006)

Cairns Tilt Train derailment report (16 November 2004)

Beaudesert derailment report (28 June 2003)

Aloomba level crossing accident report (23 May 2003)

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