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Queensland Road Safety Action Plan 2013–2015

The action plan

The Queensland Road Safety Action Plan 2013–2015 sets out how the department will make Queensland’s roads safer through new actions and the maintenance of ongoing work to reduce the number of crashes and improve safety on our roads over the next 2 years. It outlines a comprehensive set of measures that aim to reduce road trauma in the short term and build the foundation for long term improvements. It uses key initiatives to facilitate our aim of safe road users travelling at safe speeds in safe vehicles on safe roads and roadsides. The action plan also presents a new and innovative approach to strengthen and refocus the perception of road safety in the community through building strong community partnerships.

Road safety trends

Despite large increases in the population and vehicle ownership, it is much safer to drive on Queensland roads today than it was 3 decades ago. Since the 1970s the number of people killed on our roads has generally trended downward. The fall in road deaths is a result of landmark interventions which are still the basis of the road safety program today. Our campaigns include targeting dangerous on-road behaviour such as drink driving, driving without a seatbelt and speeding, improvements to roads and roadside infrastructure and safer vehicle design.

The trend in recent years, however, has become static. As can be seen in the graph below, from 1999 to 2009 Queensland recorded an average of 326 deaths per year, with almost no downward trend. This was followed by a steep decline in 2010 with 249 deaths. However, since this record low, the road toll has started to increase.

The department is committed to working towards the elimination of fatalities and serious injuries caused by road crashes in Queensland. This vision for the future is long term and is achievable only in incremental steps. Most importantly, it cannot happen without the commitment and support of all members of the community. Image of graph showing road safety trends.

Last updated
24 June 2014