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Road safety strategy and action plan

Safer Roads, Safer Queensland: Queensland’s Road Safety Strategy 2015-21

The Queensland Government is committed to reducing the burden of road trauma on our communities. Nothing is more important than the safety of the people who travel on the state’s vast road network. 

Safer Roads, Safer Queensland: Queensland’s Road Safety Strategy 2015-2021  marks the first time a Queensland government has committed to a vision of zero road deaths and serious injuries. While this is an ambitious concept, it is supported by informed targets. In Queensland, we will aim to:

  • reduce fatalities from 303 (average 2008-2010) to 200 or fewer by 2020
  • reduce hospitalised casualties from 6,670 (average 2008-2010) to 4,669 or fewer by 2020.

Under this strategy, 4 guiding principles will be adopted:

  1. The true road toll is broader than fatalities - We will expand our understanding of the ‘road toll’ to all fatal and hospitalised casualties.
  2. We need an ambitious vision with interim targets to inspire and motivate action - We will adopt an ambitious long-term vision, supported by interim targets.
  3. Safe system principles are the foundation for action - We will entrench the mindset that the whole system must be safe at every level of road safety management, and develop solutions based on evidence and innovation.
  4. Road safety is everyone’s issue and everyone’s responsibility - We will drive a fundamental change in the culture and attitude to road safety.

Safer Roads, Safer Queensland: Queensland’s Road Safety Action Plan 2015-17

Safer Roads, Safer Queensland: Queensland’s Road Safety Action Plan 2015–17  is the first in a series to be launched under the new strategy. It will help implement the steps we need to take to begin achieving the long term goals outlined in the strategy.

The action plan includes 57 initiatives totalling more than $500 million to be implemented over the next 2 financial years. Action will be taken in the key areas of education and engagement, enforcement, technology, roads and roadside infrastructure, research, data and innovation, and governance and strategy. This investment includes Safer Roads Sooner, Safety Mass Actions, treating emerging crash locations, federal Black Spot projects and targeted motorway treatments.

Delivering Heavy Vehicle Safety Solutions Together: Queensland's Heavy Vehicle Safety Action Plan 2016–18

The Heavy Vehicle Safety Action Plan 2016–18 presents 31 initiatives across 6 key action areas. These initiatives aim to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured in crashes involving heavy vehicles. The Action Plan will be delivered by the Queensland Government in partnership with the the heavy vehicle industry over the next 2 years.

The Safer Roads, Safer Queensland Forums

The Queensland Government held the first Safer Roads, Safer Queensland Forum on Friday 10 April 2015 at Parliament House. The forum was the first step in a holistic approach to improve safety on Queensland’s vast road network following the tragic loss of life on the road over the Easter 2015 long weekend.

Over the past 30 years, significant improvements have been made in Queensland’s road toll. The forum was an opportunity for the government to listen carefully to a wide range of excellent ideas from road safety experts, practitioners and stakeholders on how to build on this positive trend into the future. Read the key themes and summary of the first Safer Roads, Safer Queensland Forum.

Community members were also invited to provide input. This consultation, along with local and international research and the National Road Safety Strategy, informed the preparation of the strategy and action plan. 

Following the success of the first forum, a second forum was held on Monday 24 August 2015, in the wake of Queensland Road Safety Week at Parliament House to share the new Safer Roads, Safer Queensland: Queensland’s Road Safety Strategy 2015-21 and Action Plan 2015-17 and discuss how Queensland will implement these plans to improve road safety.

What you can do

The Queensland Government has taken its first steps towards achieving a vision of zero road deaths and serious injuries on Queensland roads – and it wants Queenslanders to commit too. Queensland has a passionate base of committed stakeholders, with the ideas and energy to make a difference. Many other Queenslanders are also acting to improve road safety through their work and community involvement. Now, we invite all Queenslanders to join us in implementing this plan and taking action on serious road trauma. When it comes to road safety, we all have a role to play. To see how you can get involved, and have your say about road safety, visit Join the Drive to Save Lives.

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