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Bicycle safety

Recent campaign information

Join the Drive to Save Lives

The ‘Thanks Queensland’ campaign run as part of the Join the Drive to Save Lives program includes key messages around sharing the road safely with cyclists, including a television commercial. Visit the ‘Share the road’ safety campaign page for more information.

New cycling campaign to promote new laws

Stay wider of the rider campaign imageThe Stay Wider of the Rider campaign was run in April 2014. The aim was to inform road users about new laws for cyclists and other road users, particularly the new minimum distance which motorists must allow when passing cyclists. It included an online video, billboards, bus backs and radio advertising. For more information about the changes visit  or view the video on the new laws.




Previous campaign information

Cycle safety Cycle safety

The Share the road campaign aimed to raise awareness of cycling safety, in particular how cyclists and motorists can share the road responsibly.




Previous campaign information

The Keep your head in a helmet campaign sought to educate children about the benefits of wearing a helmet while cycling.

The Share the road campaign aimed to teach motorists and cyclists how to share the road safely. This campaign stemmed from the government's commitment to increase the number of cyclists in Queensland.

Information on these campaigns can be found below:

Television advertisement

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