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Research reports related to cycling. These can be accessed via the links below.

CARRS-Q Bicycle Helmet Reserach

The Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety – Queensland (CARRS-Q) undertook a thorough investigation of national and international evidence on helmet wearing in 2010.

View the CARRS-Q Bicycle Helmet Research publication.

National Cycling Participation 2011 Survey

On 31 August 2011, the Australian Bicycle Council released the results of the National Cycling Participation Survey. In a typical week around 18% of Australians ride a bicycle for transport and recreation with around 3.6 million people riding for recreation, leisure or sport and 1.2 million people making at least one transport journey.

To view the survey, visit the Cycling Resource Centre website*.

Austroads project NS1018—Pedestrian/cyclist minimisation on shared paths and footpaths

The project, now complete, aimed to investigate actual and potential conflict between cyclists and pedestrians. The project investigated developing best practice engineering, traffic management and urban design measures, and education and awareness strategies to minimise conflict and improve cyclist and pedestrian safety (perceived and actual) on shared paths and footpaths. The project included people in wheelchairs or using mobility aids, pedestrians with other types of disability including vision and hearing impairment, and people using wheeled recreational devices.

The Australian Bicycle Council (ABC) identified this project as a research priority with funding provided by Austroads. The project was managed by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (then Queensland Transport) with steering committee support. ARRB Transport Research Ltd undertook the study.

This project was divided into three stages:

  • Stage 1 – Issues Identification
  • Stage 2 – Research and Development of Pedestrian/Cyclist Conflict Minimisation Options
  • Stage 3 – Final Report and toolkit for use by local government authorities and their consultants.


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