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Tollways and tolling

Toll roads in Queensland provide vital cross city links which mean motorists enjoy improved travel time, a reduction in fuel consumption costs and less vehicle wear and tear.

For commercial and freight vehicles, using toll roads means less time sitting in traffic and more time on the job resulting in increased productivity and travel time reliability.

Queensland has a network of toll roads providing easy and convenient travel around greater Brisbane. The Gateway Motorway, Logan Motorway, Clem Jones (CLEM7) Tunnel, the Go Between Bridge and AirportLinkM7 employ electronic free-flow tolling, providing uninterrupted, reliable travel for motorists.

Tolls are automatically calculated as motorists pass under a tolling point.  Because there are no toll booths or toll gates in Queensland, you need to make arrangements to pay your toll.

Payment products are available to suit regular or occasional use, and most can be used across any toll road in Queensland. In general, arrangements can be made a month prior or up to 3 days after travel. Contact a toll payment provider to see which product is right for you.

Full account and electronic tag holders can use these arrangements to pay for travel on any toll road in Australia.

A list of toll roads in Queensland is provided below. Tolls vary for different types of vehicles. Visit the relevant toll road operator’s website for more information.

 Toll roads in Queensland Toll road operator  Toll payment provider 
Gateway Motorway (including the Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges)
Logan Motorway
Go Between Bridge
Queensland Motorways go via
Phone: 13 33 31
Clem Jones (CLEM7) Tunnel Queensland Motorways Flow
Phone: 07 3046 4046
AirportLinkM7 BrisConnections AirportLinkM7
Phone: 1300 11 33 30
Legacy Way Under construction—opening 2015

What you need to do

Toll payment providers (currently AirportlinkM7, Flow and go via) offer a full customer account, a short term pass or a toll pass. Toll payment providers can advise on the best product for your purposes.

You can set up an account or pay your toll online, over the phone or by visiting a customer service centre or participating retailer. Use the links in the table above to visit the toll payment providers’ websites for more details.

Customer Account options

Account products are interoperable allowing the motorist to use their account to pay for travel on any toll road in Australia.

  • Tag account – Once this account is set up, a tag can be fitted to the windscreen of your vehicle. When the vehicle passes under the tolling point, the tag is detected and the toll amount is automatically deducted from your tag account.
  • Video/Plate account – If you prefer not to use a tag, you can opt for a video account. When your vehicle passes under the tolling point, an image is taken of your registration number plate and the toll amount plus a video matching fee is automatically deducted from your toll video account. In most cases, this type of account also includes an additional fee to cover the cost of identifying the vehicle.
  • Business account – This account is for business customers only. You can link all your business vehicles to one account for ease of making toll payments. Contact toll payment providers regarding their conditions for business accounts.

Toll pass options

If you don’t use the toll roads regularly, a road pass or a trip pass may be a better option.

  • Road pass – This is a temporary short term pass (available for between 1 to 30 consecutive days) which allows you to travel on all toll roads in Queensland. Payment is by credit card only and the tolling process is similar to a video account i.e. an image is taken of your registration number plate and the toll amount plus a video matching fee is charged to your credit card.
  • Trip or toll pass – If you only want to pay for a one-off trip or multiple trips, you need to either pay before you travel or within 3 days after you first travel on a toll road. Payment is to be made to the relevant toll payment provider for the toll road used. The details of which toll payment provider to contact will be prominently displayed on roadside signage.

If you do not arrange payment within the specified timeframe, the registered owner of the vehicle will be sent a notice or an invoice for the toll, plus a processing fee from the toll road operator.

When changing your address or vehicle, you need to let the relevant toll payment provider know your new details. This ensures that you will be tolled correctly and you will not receive any extra penalties.

Rental cars

If you are renting a car, check the tolling arrangements with the rental company. You may need to note the number plate so that you can pay your toll within 3 days of travelling on the toll road. It is important to note the state of registration of your rental vehicle as it may not be registered in Queensland.

Last updated
30 January 2014