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Townsville Ring Road (Section 4)


The next stage of the Townsville Ring Road is an 11.5km section which will connect the existing Ring Road at Kalynda Chase with the northern suburbs of Townsville.

This section will complete the 22km Townsville Ring Road link, providing a freight bypass of Townsville and delivering improved safety and traffic efficiency.

The new motorway will start at Shaw Road near Kalynda Chase, intersect with the Bruce Highway at Mt Low Parkway and continue along the highway, through the Veales Road intersection, to the overtaking lanes south of the Black River Bridge.


Bohle Plains, Townsville.


January 2017.


Other benefits of Townsville Ring Road Section 4 (TRR4) will include:

  • Four lanes of motorway standard highway
  • grade-separations at Mt Low Parkway, Kalynda Parade and Shaw Road
  • traffic lights at the Veales Road/ Bruce Highway intersection
  • pedestrian facilities at Mt Low/ Bruce Highway intersection
  • improved travel time reliability
  • improved flood immunity, as Shaw Road (interim National Network) currently has poor flood immunity
  • reduced congestion on the local road network by providing a more direct route for through freight and Port freight
  • improved connections between residential areas and employment centres.

A total $200 million in funding has been committed to the project: $160 million federal government funding and $40 million state government.

Northern Region

Project info

The joint federal and state funded project will address the safety and traffic needs of the Bruce Highway well into the future. RR4 will link to the existing sections of the Ring Road at the Ring Road/Shaw Road intersection and run in a north-westerly direction across the Bohle Plains, connecting to the Bruce Highway in the vicinity of Mt Low Parkway. The overall Ring Road will then extend from the Douglas Arterial to Mt Low Parkway.

Project map

Townsville Ring Road Section 4: January 2016


The department has already acquired the land for TRR4 and it is unlikely that additional resumptions will be needed.

Much of TRR4 passes through undeveloped land, including land owned by the state government, with connections to the existing road network at the northern and southern ends of the project.

Extensive environmental, cultural heritage and hydraulic investigations have been completed and integrated into the design of the project.

Early works, including service relocation, clearing and fencing were completed late 2014, in preparation for commencement of the major construction works.

Seymour Whyte Construction was awarded the contract to complete construction, with major works commencing in the first quarter of 2015. This project was originally expected to be completed by mid-2017, weather permitting. As a result of partnerships with local industry and a drier than expected wet season, the project is now 6 months ahead of schedule and will be completed in January 2017.

Environmental Management: information and reporting

Environmental management has played a significant role in the planning stages and will continue to be a vital element to the department and the contractor during the construction phase. The listed threatened species for the TRR4 project include:

  • Black-throated Finch (southern) (Poephila cincta cincta)
  • Bare-rumped Sheathtail Bat (Saccolaimus saccolaimus nudicluniatus)
  • Squatter Pigeon (southern subspecies (Geophaps scripta scripta).

In February 2014 the department issued a public notice, seeking Invitation to Comment on the proposed clearing of approximately 55 hectares of native vegetation for road construction activities. After extensive stakeholder engagement, the federal government has approved this plan as part of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC).

Townsville Ring Road Stage 4—Annual Environmental Compliance Report 2014-15

Annual Environmental Compliance Report 2014-15

Townsville Ring Road Stage 4—Response to information document

Townsville Ring Road Section 4—Environmental Management Plan (Planning)

Contact details

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Townsville Ring Road stage 4
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Media gallery

Townsville Ring Road (Section 4): Bohle Plains section

Dalrymple Road Interchange
Dalrymple Road Interchange

Geaney Lane Overpass
Geaney Lane Overpass

Saunders Creek bridges
Saunders Creek bridges

Southern interchange embankments
Southern interchange embankments

Traffic lights nearing completion at Shaw Road-Dalrymple Road intersection
Traffic lights nearing completion at Shaw Road-Dalrymple Road intersection

View from the embankments of the southern interchange
View from the embankments of the southern interchange

Dalrymple Road Bridge: October 2015
Dalrymple Road Bridge: October 2015

Northern interchange: October 2015
Northern interchange: October 2015

Pile driving complete on Northern overpass: October 2015
Pile driving complete on Northern overpass: October 2015

Southern interchange bridge works: October 2015
Southern interchange bridge works: October 2015


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