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Public transport

The Department of Transport and Main Roads

The Department of Transport and Main Roads helps local government-owned transport operators, private bus and ferry operators, taxi and limousine companies and regional air operators to develop efficient, sustainable and flexible transport services. We also remove the barriers to access and mobility, and encourage smarter travel choices.

2013 park ‘n’ ride survey

This project is part of our work to understand how you use our park ‘n’ ride facilities, the current levels of demand and the future park ‘n’ ride infrastructure needed across south-east Queensland. It builds on previous surveys undertaken in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Between 8 and 24 October 2013, our contractor Traffic Data & Control will visit all bus, train and ferry park ‘n’ ride facilities in south-east Queensland to count vehicles and collect number plate information. The contractor will display signage when they are present at park ’n’ ride facilities.

Why is it needed and what are the benefits?

The data collected through the survey will assist in planning and improving public transport routes, services, infrastructure and customer information.

It will help ensure we understand the benefits of new infrastructure and its impacts on travel behaviour, as well as informing future works.

How will this affect me?

There will be no community impact, and no personal data such as name or street address will be viewed or recorded. Registration numbers will be recorded and matched with the vehicle’s home postcode. The data contractor will destroy the collected data when the project is completed.

Further information

If you have questions or concerns regarding the 2013 park ‘n’ ride survey, please email


TransLink is responsible for leading and shaping Queensland's overall passenger transport system.

TransLink facilitates passenger transport services for Queenslanders and aim to provide a single integrated transport network accessible to everyone.

Travel on TransLink services with a go card, SEEQ card or a single paper ticket. Your go card can be topped up just like a mobile phone and it'll automatically calculate the correct fare including transfers, off-peak travel and frequent user discounts.

Visit the TransLink website to:

  • plan your journey
  • access bus, train and ferry timteables
  • view current and upcoming service notices
  • access ticketing and fare information
  • view event transport notices
  • access information about the network, including late night services, accessibility and safety.


qconnect is a Queensland Government initiative providing improved public transport services and greater connectivity and accessibility of a number of services throughout regional, rural and remote Queensland.

Passenger Transport Industry Overview

The Passenger Transport Industry Overview 2007 was developed to inform industry and government about industry patterns, emerging trends and challenges for the bus, taxi and limousine industries in Queensland.

The report combines data from many Department of Transport and Main Roads systems to better understand fleet specifics, the environmental impact of the passenger transport industry, compliance performance and safety performance.

The report is also available split into sections:

An image of the Passenger Transport Industry Overview An image of the Passenger Transport Industry Overview

Passenger Transport Strategy

The Department of Transport and Main Roads has developed a strategy that sets the direction and shapes the future for moving people and connecting communities in Queensland.

Moving People Connecting Communities: A Passenger Transport Strategy for Queensland 2007–2017 addresses all ways people move, including use of private vehicles and public transport such as buses, trains and taxis. It also focuses on developing sustainable transport modes such as cycling and walking.

Customer satisfaction report

In order for the Department of Transport and Main Roads to manage its commitment to develop, lead and manage transport in Queensland, key performance indicators (KPIs) were established as part of the department's strategic plan and these indicators are tracked and monitored over time.

Customer Satisfaction Tracking Research Report for Queensland 2009/2010 (November 2009 to June 2010)

The Total Queensland Report for Quarter 4 (April to June 2009) is also available to download below.

Total Queensland Report Quarter 4 (April to June 2009)

The report is also available split into sections for easy downloading:

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19 March 2014