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Accessible bus stops in regional Queensland

What are the transport standards?

All public transport services, including associated vehicles and infrastructure, are subject to the Commonwealth Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002* (the standards).

The standards fall under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.

In the majority of cases, bus stops are owned and maintained by local government authorities who will ultimately be responsible for compliance with the standards.

Target dates

Bus stops built from 2002 must comply with the standards. There are 4 target dates for all existing bus stops to comply:

  1. 31 December 2007—25% of bus stops
  2. 31 December 2012—55% of bus stops
  3. 31 December 2017—90% of bus stops
  4. 31 December 2022—100% of bus stops.

Working together with local government authorities

We have secured additional grant funding totalling $27 million over the next 17 years to assist local councils to comply with the standards.

The majority of this funding will be used to provide councils with infrastructure grants. These grants from the department will be made available through the Bus Stop Financial Assistance Plans (BSFAP).

Once a BSFAP has been approved, councils will receive a 50% subsidy of the cost of making bus stops compliant with the standards.

We are also assisting councils by providing a recommended statewide standard-compliant bus-stop design and technical advice.

An image of an accessible bus stop in regional Queensland

Bus stop hierarchy

The three main types of bus stops in regional Queensland are:

  1. regular
  2. intermediate
  3. premium.

Regular bus stop

Regular bus stops will be installed where there are predominantly low passenger volumes or are used by outbound services. These stops have low frequency bus services and are generally located in outer suburban or non-urban areas.

The following image is the minimum base design for a regular bus stop.

An image of a regular bus stop

Intermediate bus stop

Intermediate bus stops will service locations where there are moderate passenger volumes. These stops have moderate frequency bus services and are predominantly located in suburban areas.

The following image is the minimum base design for an intermediate bus stop.

An image of an intermediate bus stop

Premium bus stop

Bus stops servicing locations where there are moderate-to-high passenger volumes and have moderate-to-high frequency bus services. These stops are predominantly located at major attractions (including shopping centres) and/or along targeted transport corridors.

The following image is the minimum base design for a premium bus stop.

An image of a premium bus stop

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30 October 2013