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Don't risk your safety with an unsafe airbag

Don’t risk your safety with an unsafe airbagTMR is taking the critical recall of dangerous Takata 'alpha' airbags seriously due to the significant risk of them causing serious injury or death.  

Two types of Takata airbags, alpha and beta airbags have been identified as being defective and are being recalled under a compulsory recall notice issued by the Australian Government. 

Alpha airbags present a significantly higher risk to vehicle occupants due to their age, especially when operated in areas of high humidity and vehicles containing these alpha airbags are the focus of TMR action. 

TMR will be issuing Defect Notices and potentially cancelling the vehicle registrations of vehicle owners who have not yet replaced the defective alpha airbags despite numerous attempts by manufacturers to ensure this action is completed.

A vehicle fitted with a high risk alpha airbag is at great risk of the airbag deploying in the event of an accident, which could cause the driver and other vehicle occupants’ significant injury or death.

Due to these severe safety implications, TMR is attempting to contact all registered owners of alpha airbag vehicles via phone or email to inform them of their responsibility to have the defective airbag replaced, before issuing a Defect Notice.
The Defect Notice will give the registered operator 21 days to have the defective airbag replaced, free of charge. Registered operators are urged not to drive the vehicle and to contact their manufacturer immediately to discuss how best to have the airbags replaced.  
If after 21 days the airbag has not been replaced, the vehicle’s registration will be cancelled. This is for the driver’s, vehicle occupants’ and road users’ safety.

Vehicle owners with Takata beta airbags, which are also impacted by the recall process, can expect to be contacted by their vehicle manufacturer with information on how to get their airbags replaced. TMR is not taking action against these lower risk vehicles. 
Manufacturers are taking steps to ensure these airbags are also replaced in accordance with a recall schedule being managed through the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.  

If you are unsure whether you are affected by the recall, visit the Product Safety Australia website and enter your vehicle’s make and model.

Last updated
12 September 2018