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Department of Transport and Main Roads


Are you looking for a challenging and rewarding career?

We're looking for innovative and future-focused cadets who value teamwork, are community minded and put customer safety first. You will have a true passion in your chosen field and a desire to contribute to enriching the lives of Queenslanders.

While working at TMR, you will develop critical technical skills through on-the-job project experiences. You will learn the role of Government and how our work benefits the people of Queensland. 

TMR is responsible for several major infrastructure projects across the Queensland network. Learn more about our current projects.

By joining Transport and Main Roads as a cadet you will apply the technical skills you are learning to real-life projects. This will give you a head start in your career while helping the department deliver better transport solutions for Queensland.

What is a Transport and Main Roads cadetship?

A Transport and Main Roads cadetship offers you employment while paying for you to complete your studies. You will be paid a competitive salary and receive financial support for your studies.

There are currently 2 types of cadetships on offer:

  • Full time work and part-time study in civil construction, surveying, design, engineering and intelligent transport systems.
  • Part time work and full-time study in engineering.

Am I eligible to apply?

Cadetships are available to Australian citizens that are studying or eligible to enrol in a recognised and relevant course with an Australian tertiary institution.

Cadetships on offer and the relevant qualifications are:

  • Civil construction – Associate Degree in Civil Engineering, or equivalent qualification, accredited under the Dublin Accord.
  • Design – Associate Degree in Civil Engineering, or equivalent qualification, accredited under the Dublin Accord.
  • Engineering – Associate Degree in Civil Engineering or Advanced Diploma in Civil Engineering or equivalent accredited under the Dublin Accord.
  • Intelligent Transport Systems – Diploma of Electronic Communications Engineering.
  • Surveying – Associate Degree of Spatial Science or a Bachelor of Spatial Science Technology, or equivalent qualification, acceptable for registration with the Surveyors Board of Queensland (SBQ).

Cadets start on a salary of $41,340 (up to 20 years of age) and $51,883 (21 years of age and over), increasing to $59,306 following successful completion of your studies.

When are the cadetships available?

When cadetship opportunities are available they will be advertised on the Smart Jobs website.

Last updated 23 August 2021

Entry pathways to TMR

Read about our upcoming entry pathways program.