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Technical Presentations Day 2, 24 August 2016

Making connections - building bridges

Temporary replacement of Beames Brook bridge: William Reed
Extending the life of a large corrugated pipe with a new structural base: Stephen Day/Dr Robert Heywood
The NDRRA Fitzroy Project - Some important lessons learned from real scour at bridges: Chris Russell/Carlos Gonzales/Nathaniel Veenstra

Design integration through research

Using weigh-in-motion data to predict the likelihood of exceeding the capacity of a road safety barrier: Andrew Burbridge
Safe system complementary thinking - A step change for improved safety: David Bobbermen
Vehicle dynamic simulation: Applications in road design: Daniel Naish

Sustainable infrastructure solutions

Toward sustainable infrastructure - The journey so far with Gateway Upgrade North: Regina Gawne/Daniel Baker
If you drive past it you accept it: Craig Gardner/Scott Dight
Smart infrastructure management and implementation of BIM technology and processes in Transport and Main Roads: Noel Dwyer

Maintaining our waterway assets

Managing shoaling of the Mooloolah river entrance: using a shoaling prediction tool: Chris Voisey
Balaclava island remote structure inspection and rehabilitation: Fred Doyle
Redcliffe jetty, a variety of remediation, maintenance and serviceability in its 15 year life: Peter Kastrup 

Modern perspectives on bridge management session 1

Bridge access and risk management - Current challenges: Julie Mitchell
Rapid, reliable, repeatable assessment of Transport and Main Roads’ bridges: Dr Peter Shaw

Driving intelligent transport systems for tomorrow

Innovative ITS Solutions in a regional environment: Kenny Festing/Dr Robert Herkes
Understanding the causes of congestion: Katherine Johnston
Proactive network and incident management: where are we, where are we heading?: Lachlan Faulkner/Edward Beak 

Cycling and walking our way forward

Better than business as usual - Paradigm shift in providing for vulnerable road users through roadworks: Jenny McMillan/Darren Wagstaff
An evidence-based assessment of the impact of cycling infrastructure in South East Queensland: Michael Langdon
Cycle planning and infrastructure program delivery in Transport and Main Roads - Innovations and future directions: Adam Rogers/ Robyn Davies

Modern perspectives on bridge management session 2

NZTA's approach to asset management - Challenging the status-quo: Barry Wright (NZTA)
Bridge Assessment: an international perspective: Dr Rob Heywood

Foam bitumen - Research into practice

Flinders Highway foam bitumen stabilisation project: Srikanthan Kanapathippillai/Damian Volker
Using 'Insitu foamed bitumen' and 'Triple Blend' additives to rehabilitate fatiguing cement treated pavements in Fitzroy District: Damian Volker/Gavin Hill

A sustainable future for transport

Regional Transport Plans: Matt Pitot/Glen Warner
Future approaches for collecting personal travel data in Queensland: Hayley Butler

The long road to pavement durability

Pavement evaluations using the Traffic Speed Deflectometer (TSD): Dr Jeffrey Lee/Jothi Ramanujam
Road Deterioration (RD) model review for Queensland - Impact of reduced surface maintenance on Transport and Main Roads’ network condition: Lory Noya

Showcasing our successes

Cape York Region package - Tailoring transport infrastructure project delivery to help close the gap: Peter Agar/Jenny Meehan
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