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Maps: Multi-combination routes and zones in Queensland

On occasion, roads can be closed or have their access conditions changed. The following maps need to be used in conjunction with the traffic and travel information on the QLDTraffic website to ensure you have the most up-to-date road access information.

Maps are updated when new routes or amendments are made to the map. For the latest updates to maps refer to: Map schedule of amendments (3) (from October 2008)

How to use the maps

The maps identify the routes throughout Queensland that are approved for B-double and road train use.
  1. The Map legend shows the different types of approved multi-combination routes in Queensland. This legend should be used in conjunction with the maps.
  2. Use the links below to open either the full map of Queensland, or the maps of north and south Queensland. Select the section you want by clicking on the map or on the text links underneath the map.
  3. The Section Maps show an overview which identifies some of the major routes within that section. For more detailed information, click on the Section maps.
  4. Once you access a Section Map, a list of more detailed area maps are listed by either town or suburb. Click on the town or suburb to open the map. At the bottom of each map there is a legend identifying the different approved multi-combination route types.
  5. Maps are only updated when a new or amended route is approved. Refer to the ‘Map update’ shown on each map or the ‘Map schedule of amendments’ link located under Related information on this page.


Last updated
18 October 2018