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Road traffic noise is recognised as a concern for people living along motorways and main arterial roads with high traffic volumes. Noise is defined as unwanted sound produced by vehicles, and the interaction between vehicle tyres and the road surface.

Transport and Main Roads is the key government agency responsible for the management of traffic noise from state controlled roads. Noise control is part of the successful delivery of road infrastructure projects and is considered during the transportation planning and road design phase.

We aim to provide efficient road transport infrastructure, minimising noise impacts from state controlled road construction and maintenance activities.

Refer to the Transport Noise Management Code of Practice for further information.

Find information about registered suppliers for noise barrier design and registered suppliers for noise barrier construction.

Noise management gallery

Galvanised steel reflective barrier
Galvanised steel reflective barrier

Patterned concrete
Patterned concrete

Art work on Pacific Motorway
Artwork on Pacific Motorway

South East Freeway – timber planks
South-east Freeway—timber planks

Gateway Motorway – weathered steel reflective barrier
Gateway Motorway—weathered steel reflective barrier

Last updated
07 September 2022