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Get Ready - Have you got the green light to go?

In a moment, Queensland weather can change unexpectedly creating dangerous situations. Whether you're going on the road or water, make sure you have the green light to go. Be prepared with our safety information and resources, so that you can travel safe wherever your journey takes you.


Cyclones and severe storms can bring hail, floods, lightning, winds greater than 200km/h and storm surge.

The Get Ready page has useful information on how to 'get ready' for a heatwave.

Get Ready for a tusnami event and checkout the useful information on the Get ready Queensland website.

Earthquakes can happen anytime and can vary in severity - Get ready.

Landslides are the movement of large amounts of earth and can be caused by earthquakes, volcanoes or, as in Queensland, heavy rain. Visit Get Ready to find out how to prepare for a landslide.