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Planning and development assessment under the Planning Act

Transport and Main Roads plays a key role with planning and assessment of development through input into state planning instruments such as the State Planning Policy and regional plans, reviewing local planning instruments, and providing advice on development applications impacting state transport interests through the State Assessment and Referral Agency (SARA). State transport interests include: protection of state transport infrastructure such as state-controlled roads, rail, busway, light rail, strategic ports, strategic airports and aviation facilities transport network connectivity, accessibility and operational efficiency; and maritime safety.

Further information relevant to each of these functions is outlined below.

Development assessment under the Planning Act

Development is referred to the State for assessment of the impacts of development on state transport interests under state transport referral triggers in the Planning Regulation 2017. This includes development impacting on existing and future state transport corridors, state-controlled transport tunnels, state transport networks, strategic ports and maritime safety. 

Development referred to the State is assessed by the State Assessment and Referral Agency with Transport and Main Roads providing technical advice regarding the impacts of development on state transport interests. When assessing applications, SARA has regard to the State Development Assessment Provisions (SDAP).

Further information on development assessment is provided on the assessable development under the Planning Act page.

Planning schemes and SPP

The State Planning Policy (SPP) provides a single consolidated policy document that articulates all state interests in land use planning and development that are to be reflected in local government planning schemes. The SPP includes interests in relation to infrastructure integration, transport infrastructure and networks, strategic airports and aviation facilities, and strategic ports. Assessment of development applications impacting some state transport interests such as development within the vicinity of strategic airports and aviation facilities is devolved to local government.

Further information on the SPP and planning schemes is provided in the department's interest in planning schemes.

Regional plans

Regional plans outline desired regional outcomes for each region and include future land use patterns and provisions for regional infrastructure (such as state transport corridors) to service future regional land use patterns.

Transport and Main Roads provides input into the preparation of regional plans to ensure the plans:

  • integrate current and future state transport networks
  • reflect principles and policies to protect the operational integrity of Queensland’s transport system.

Current regional plans can be located on the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning website.

Last updated
23 July 2019