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Digital Wallet

Why we need Digital Wallet

The way we use a driver licence has changed from when they were first introduced in 1910. Not only is it an official document which allows you to drive, it is now widely accepted as a form of identification, and not just by Government, but businesses such as your bank, pubs and clubs, pharmacies and car rental agencies. The Digital Wallet will provide a better and safer way for Queenslanders to validate their identity. 

What Digital Wallet does

The Queensland Digital Wallet is an app that will allow Queenslanders to securely and easily store their TMR driver licences, authorities (for example, medical certificates) and in the future other Queensland Government credentials digitally on their mobile devices.

The Digital Wallet provides a range of benefits:


We take security seriously and we will include extra security features to ensure your data is protected against cybercrimes and theft. For example, if you lose your phone anyone finding it will have to bypass your device security (if enabled) then the security features protecting the digital wallet.


You will be able to determine what information you share with others. For example if you need to prove your age, the wallet will allow the person checking to see your photo and confirm your age, but not see your name or where you live. You control what information you share depending on the circumstances.


You will be able to access and update your contact details and receive notifications when your licence renewal is due. Even without phone service, your credentials will still be available.

Real time information

Any changes to your licence will be immediately updated in the wallet (when connected to the internet).  

Digital Wallet availability

The very first Queensland Digital Wallets will be piloted in a regional area in late 2019.

The pilot will include:

  • learner licences
  • photo identification cards
  • recreational marine licences.

We'll be working closely with the local community to design the Digital Wallet, to roll out the pilot, capture feedback and refine the product to make sure it best suits the needs of Queenslanders.

Digital Wallet safety

The Queensland Digital Wallet will be more secure than physical cards. Unlike your physical wallet, the app is encrypted and securely protected. The Queensland Digital Wallet will enable you to choose who your share your information with - when, where and how you need to. It will also enable businesses to validate a licence using a QR code, so that people can have confidence that the digital wallet presented is genuine.

If you lose your phone, you will be able to cancel access to your digital wallet by using another device. And you will be able to restore your Queensland Digital Wallet onto a new device.

Choosing to use Digital Wallet

Choosing to use the digital wallet is entirely up to you. It will not be compulsory to use the Queensland Digital Wallet during the pilot phase. You have the choice to opt in and your existing identity cards and licences will still be available to use.

More information will be available closer to the start of the pilot later in 2019.

Find out more

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Digital Wallet is an Advancing Queensland initiative - to be a more responsive government.

Last updated
11 June 2019