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The Customer Experience Transformation Program

The department has now established the Customer Experience Transformation Program as an on-going function. The program is supporting the capacity of TMR to understand customer needs and to develop a customer-centric culture focused on meeting customers’ needs first time, every time. This transformation involves incorporating the voice of the customer into everything we do as an organisation.

This focus will greatly improve the customer experience when interacting with the department. We are a large and diverse organisation that interacts with the majority of Queenslanders. Whether Queenslanders are walking or driving to work, catching a bus to university, boating, travelling by plane or cycling on a cycle path, they are interacting with us through multiple touchpoints. The Customer Experience Team is working across the department to assist with customer research and segmentation, customer data and analysis, as well as customer‑centred design.

Customer Value Proposition

In order to put the customer at the centre of all we do, we had to first understand what is important to customers about our infrastructure and services. A range of different customer research techniques were used to develop, test and refine a framework to apply customer priorities to everything we do.

The Customer Value Proposition is the result of our research, and incorporates customer care, user experience and information.Decorative image customer experience circles

For example when looking at customer care, this could include things like treating customers with respect, being responsive to their needs, and making sure we are easy to deal with.

Looking at the user experience may include planning and delivering affordable and efficient public transport, considering how we maintain roads, and value for money in the services we provide.

Ensuring information is timely and accurate includes having the right info available on our products and services, and keeping customers informed on plans, changes and delays.

A focus on the Customer Value Proposition is key to all projects being delivered as part of the Customer Experience Transformation Program. This framework will be applied throughout TMR over time, to provide a consistent and integrated view of the customer experience we deliver.

We also need to consider any gaps between what is important to customers and the experience we actually deliver (our performance on customer experience). The Customer Value Proposition provides an opportunity to measure our performance on customer experience and to address identified gaps.

Last updated
16 October 2017