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The Customer Experience Transformation Program

The Customer Experience program, is about to enabling TMR to continuously build its capacity to put the customer at the centre of everything we do. The program supports the department to understand our customers’ needs and expectations, and to strive to meet these needs and expectations first time, every time.

Our Customers First focus is driven by the Customers First Queensland Public Service value. 

We are a large and diverse organisation that interacts daily with the majority of Queenslanders. Whether Queenslanders are renewing their licence or registration, walking, driving or catching a bus or CityCat, boating, travelling by plane or cycling on a cycle path, Queenslanders are interacting with us through multiple touchpoints. 

TMR has built a customer-centric culture. We ensure we integrate the voice of the customer, voice of the business and voice of our people into everything we do as an organisation and we use these voices to deliver positive customer outcomes to all Queenslanders.

TMR's Customer Value Proposition

TMR’s Customer Value Proposition was researched, co-designed and tested with our customers, our stakeholders and our people. It summarises what our customers told us is important in their dealings with TMR and the transport network. 

Customers have told us they want customer care that is respectful and responsive, a user experience that is efficient and affordable and information that is timely and accurate.

Customer experience

Our Customer Value Proposition is a triple bottom line that ensures we work together to provide our customers with a seamless experience, regardless of which part of the department you are dealing with and regardless of transport mode.

The TMR Customer Experience team continues to work across the department, leading customer research, gathering customer data, analysing the data and embedding customer led programs that drive and deliver positive customer outcomes. 

Our TMR Customer Charter was also  co-designed with our customers, stakeholders and people. It clearly articulates our commitments to the people of Queensland. 

To find out more, please visit our Customer Charter page.

Last updated
20 August 2019