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Hazard perception test technical support

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Frequently asked technical questions

Q. I am unable to access the hazard perception test, and have received a message regarding 'Firewall Security'?

A. If you are accessing the internet through a firewall, your security settings may prevent you from accessing the hazard perception test. You may need to reduce your security settings while taking the test.

Please remember to return your settings back to normal once you have completed the test.

Q. Can I make the video image bigger and if so how?

Yes, you may be able to make the video image larger by reducing the screen resolution. Refer to the help functions of your browser or operating system. It is not available for use on smartphones as the videos will not display well enough to practise or do the test.

Q. Can I use the refresh or back buttons?

No, if you use refresh or the back button while the video is playing you will be returned to the hazard perception test menu page and you will need to resume your test again.

Note: There is a limit as to the number of times the test can be resumed in 1 calendar day.

Q. Why can't I hear sound through my personal computer during the test?

The only video where sound is provided is the test instruction video. Please refer to the help functions of your browser or operating system.

Q. When I logged in I got a 'Security Alert' box message about secure and non-secure items. Should I agree to accept this?

Yes, the hazard perception test application requires this to be enabled to allow for the videos to be played.

Q. How do I get Flash (version 9 or later)?

Your browser should automatically request a download of the latest version of Flash once you attempt to start any of the hazard perception test services. If this does not occur you can download Flash from Adobe.

Q. What format will the hazard perception test feedback reports be in?

The hazard perception test reports are provided as PDF (portable document format) files. Adobe Acrobat Reader software is required to view PDF files.

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Last updated
24 August 2017