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Information bulletins for drivers

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The below table outlines the information bulletins which have been most recently updated for drivers. A brief description of the reason for the update is also outlined. To obtain the current version of an information bulletin please see direct links above.

Latest changes

Date Information bulletin Description of change
January 2020 

PT17 — Driver Authorisation — Effect of a Driver Disqualifying Offence



PT330 — Authorised Driver – Booked Hire and Taxi Display Card

The Category A, B and C driver disqualifying offence lists have been updated. 


Change of name from "Authorised Queensland Taxi Driver Display Card" to "Authorised Driver – Booked Hire and Taxi Display Card".

It is an offence to display the card in any vehicle without holding booked hire/taxi driver authorisation. 

March 2019 PT301 — Driver Authorisation  Further clarification given on the booked hire/taxi driver authorisation  descriptions. 
November 2018 PT333 — Driver licence Suspension for Personalised Transport Offences New information bulletin for drivers in the personalised transport industry (booked hire, taxi, limousine).
September 2018

PT301 — Driver Authorisation
PT307 — Driver Responsibilities
PT01 — Mutual recognition of interstate, territory and New Zealand Public Passenger Driver Authorities
PT16 — Driver Authorisation — Effect of a Driving History
PT17 — Driver Authorisation — Effect of a Driver Disqualifying Offence
PT18 — Reviews and Appeals Against Decisions
PT21 — Fatigue Management
PT209 — Driver Training (by Operators) 

PT305 — Restricted Driver Authorisation for drivers
PT330 — The Authorised Queensland Taxi Driver Display Card

Information bulletins were updated to reflect changes to the legislation.
From 1 September 2018 there are 3 types of driver authorisation, Booked Hire/Taxi, General, Restricted (issued by community or courtesy transport operators).

September 2017  PT17—Driver Authorisation — Effect of a Driver Disqualifying Offence

The list of driver disqualifying offences for driver authorisation has been updated. 

PT 301—Driver authorisation for General Services
PT 302—Driver authorisation for Scheduled Services
PT 303—Driver authorisation for Booked Hire – Taxi
PT 308—Driver authorisation for Motorcycle Tourist

The driver authorisation information bulletins have been updated for consistency and to include information about e-reminders.

Last updated
11 March 2020