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Customer process

To get a new card you will need to apply in person at a licence issuing centre. This is so you can have your photo captured digitally and provide a copy of your signature digitally.

To apply for new licence, authority, Adult Proof of Age Card or Marine Licence Indicator card:

  1. visit a licence issuing centre that is issuing the new cards with your laminated card, or necessary original evidence of identity documents and completed (unsigned) forms. Please do not sign your forms until you are directed to by the licence issuing officer serving you
  2. complete and provide any extra documentation required
  3. have your photograph taken
  4. record your signature
  5. pay a fee (if applicable)
  6. collect your interim receipt and any other documentation handed to you.

In most circumstances, you will be allowed to keep your laminated card until you receive your new card in the mail.

New processes have been introduced to help provide you with greater security protection against identity theft, such as:

  • Photo and signature
    • Your photo and signature will be captured digitally. Please do not wear glasses or headwear (as we require a full facial view) and maintain a neutral expression when having your photo taken. Your photo and signature will be stored separately in a secure database. Your photo will undergo facial image recognition comparison which means special software will be used to measure your facial features and your photo will be compared with others held by the department.
  • Receiving your card
    • You won’t receive your card on the spot, instead it will be sent to you in the mail within 14 days from the day your application was approved. This is to provide greater security against identity theft by producing cards at a secure location.
    • You will be issued with an interim receipt, once your application is approved. This will act as proof you hold a licence or authority until your card arrives in the mail.

For details on which licence issuing are issuing the new cards visit the card availability page.

Interim documents

Once your application is approved, you will be issued an interim document to show a Police Officer, Transport Inspector, Shipping Inspector or employer if you need to.

Interim documents include:

  • driver licence receipt*
  • marine licence indicator receipt*
  • interim industry authority.

*Please note these are different to the financial receipt you’ll receive after you make payment.

Your A4-sized interim document will contain the same information that is displayed on the face of your card, but will not show your photo. Your interim document is a valid form of proof you hold a licence or authority until your receive your new card in the mail. Businesses should accept your interim document as evidence you hold a licence or authority, and you can work and drive while holding the necessary interim document.

When you receive your new card in the mail, you should destroy your interim document and your previous card, it is an offence not to do so. Your interim document will have an issue date and instructions on what to do if you do not receive your card within 14 days from when your application was approved.

Interim industry authority

Most existing authority renewals will be approved when you lodge your application. However, some existing authority renewals and new applications may take longer to approve due to the statutory approval and checking requirements, such as the national criminal history check.

If you require your interim industry authority for work, when your application is approved, you can collect it from a licence issuing centre or have it emailed or faxed to you, but you will need to provide these details when you apply.

Adult Proof of Age card

You will be given a confirmation slip that will act as proof you have lodged an application. The confirmation slip is not a valid proof of age. If your application is approved you will receive your new card in the mail. If your application is declined, you will be notified by mail.

Last updated
24 August 2017

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