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Release of information

You may apply the release of information or documents collected by the department relevant to your driver licence, industry authority, marine licence indicator or adult proof of age card information.

Types of requests for personal information include licence information, information about traffic offences, class of licence, date of issue and demerit points which have been accrued by a person.

How do I apply for my personal information?

You may access certain information, such as the status of your licence, check your demerit point balance or order a copy of your traffic history online.

Restricted information regarding your licence or traffic history may also be provided verbally by calling 13 23 80. You will need to answer a series of questions to establish your identity prior to any information being given to you.

If you wish to apply for a written release of your information you may:

How do I apply if I am currently interstate, overseas or in a remote area?

If you are requesting the written release of your own information from interstate, overseas or a remote area of Queensland you may lodge your release of information request by:

  • completing the release of information application (F2121)
  • providing certified copies† of the evidence of identity requirements detailed on the application form
  • providing a cheque or money order in Australian Dollars for the current fee. Alternatively, the fee may be paid directly into your account, which is linked to your driver licence number, at a driver licensing issuing centre.

    Note: If you choose to have someone pay the fee directly into your account, the fee must be paid prior to sending the completed application to the department.
  • mailing all of the above to:

Department of Transport and Main Roads
Customer Service Support
GPO Box 2451
Brisbane Queensland 4001

If the fee has been paid directly into your account, you may choose to fax your application, together with your certified evidence of identity documents, to 3066 7845.

†Your evidence of identity documents must be certified by an approved witness and contain the words 'I have sighted the original document and certify this to be a true copy of the original'. An approved witness (or local equivalent) may be a:

  • doctor
  • police officer
  • consular or ambassadorial officer
  • solicitor, barrister or judge
  • Justice of the Peace or a Commissioner for Declarations
  • Notary Public or a person authorised by law to witness and sign declarations.

The witness must sign and print their full name, position title/designation and contact details (including office stamp).

Note: You may have to pay a fee to have the documents witnessed. All documents are to be witnessed in English or have an English translation.

Can someone else get my personal information for me?

You may authorise another person or organisation (such as an employer) to obtain your information.

The authorised person must lodge the completed release of information application (F2121) at a Department of Transport and Main Roads customer service centre, an authorised Queensland Government Agent Program office or by mail, with their evidence of identity documents. A fee will apply.

If you have authorised an organisation (such as an employer) to obtain your traffic history, the representative will also need to provide a letter on a letterhead authorising them to act on the organisation’s behalf.

Note: You will be contacted by the department to confirm you have given your consent. If you cannot be contacted during business hours, your application will be refused.

Who has the legal authority to apply for release of my information?

Your written consent is not required, if the application for release of information is requested by:

  • a person who has been appointed your power of attorney (a power of attorney is the legal power to make decisions on someone else’s behalf)
  • a police officer applying for a release of traffic history or licence information if they are performing a function associated with their role as a police officer
  • a court, by court subpoena, applying for the release of traffic history or licence information
  • an interstate or federal authority which grants or issues driver licences under state or Commonwealth law applying for the release of traffic history or licence information
  • a person representing an authorised government agency applying for a release of traffic history or licence information—the person applying must show the legislation entitling the release of information
  • a foreign authority which issues driver licences applying for a release of traffic history or driver information for the purpose of issuing a foreign driver licence.
Last updated
15 October 2019