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Bruce Highway projects and packages

The Bruce Highway Upgrade Program is made up of both projects and packages of work to ensure the maximum benefits for one of our busiest highways. Smaller-scale projects are bundled into packages, which result in a bigger impact when applied along an entire road network. 

Plan ahead in case of delays:

Due to this work, there may be delays that impact your travel. Please visit QLDTraffic for up-to-date details to help you plan your journey.

Current works include:

Information about projects and packages are detailed below. 

Key Bruce Highway Upgrade Projects

Projects under construction

Project District Committed funds
Cairns Southern Access Corridor—Stage 4 (Kate Street to Aumuller Street)  Far North $104 million
Burdekin River Bridge Upgrade  Northern 
$44 million
Haughton River and Pink Lily Lagoon Upgrade   Northern  $514 million 
Mackay Ring Road Mackay/Whitsunday $497 million
Sarina Northern Access Upgrade  Mackay/Whitsunday  $14 million 
Rockhampton Northern Access Upgrade—Stage 1  Fitzroy  $121 million 
Caloundra Road to Sunshine Motorway   North Coast $813 million

Projects in the design phase

Projects District Committed funds
Cairns Southern Access Corridor—Stage 3 (Edmonton to Gordonvale)  Far North $481 million 
Babinda Intersection Upgrade  Far North $4 million 
Jumper Creek Upgrade  Mackay/Whitsunday  $23 million 
Knobels Road Intersection Upgrade  Mackay/Whitsunday   $7 million 
Mackay Northern Access Upgrade  Mackay/Whitsunday  $80 million  
Wide Bay Highway Intersection Upgrade
Wide Bay/Burnett
$14 million
Saltwater Creek Upgrade   Wide Bay/Burnett   $103 million  
Cooroy to Curra Section D   Wide Bay/Burnett   $1 billion 
Deception Bay Road Interchange Upgrade
North Coast $150 million
Pine River to Caloundra Road Interchange Upgrade 
(Caboolture-Bribie Island Road to Caloundra Road/Steve Irwin Way) 
North Coast   $663 million 

Completed projects

Project District Committed funds
Cairns Southern Access Corridor—Stage 1  Far North $150 million
Cairns Southern Access Corridor—Stage 2 (Robert Road to Foster Road)  Far North  $58 million
Arnot Creek Bridge 
Far North
$10 million
Bruce Highway (Vantassal to Cluden)  Northern  $154 million
Cattle and Frances Creek Upgrade Northern  $119 million
Townsville Ring Road—Stage 4  Northern  $200 million
Sandy Corner to Collinsons Lagoon Upgrade   Northern  $50 million
Burdekin Road Safety Audit Outcome  Northern  $25 million
Yellow Gin Creek Bridge Upgrade  Northern  $45 million
Sandy Gully Bridge Upgrade  Mackay/Whitsunday  $57 million
Mackay Southern Access Upgrade  Mackay/Whitsunday  $49 million
Yeppen Flood Plain Upgrade  Fitzroy  $148 million
Calliope Crossroad Upgrade  Fitzroy  $85 million
Cabbage Tree Creek to Carman Road and Back Creek Range Realignment  Wide Bay/Burnett  $59 million
Gin Gin Southern Approach Upgrade  Wide Bay/Burnett  $17 million
Tinana Overpass  Wide Bay/Burnett  $38 million
Cooroy to Curra Section D—Planning and Design  Wide Bay/Burnett  $65 million
Cooroy to Curra Upgrade—Section C  Wide Bay/Burnett  $384 million
Cooroy to Curra Upgrade—Section A  North Coast   $490 million
Cooroy to Curra Planning Project  North Coast  $200 million
Boundary Road Interchange Upgrade North Coast  $100 million
Caboolture to Caloundra Intersection Upgrades  North Coast  $195 million

Planning projects

Project District Committed funds
Innisfail Bypass—Plan and Preserve  Far North  $9 million
Dallachy Road Flood Immunity Upgrade  Far North  $11 million
Ingham to Cardwell Range Deviation—Plan and Preserve  Northern  $48 million
Townsville Northern Access Intersections Upgrade Northern  $72 million
Burdekin Deviation—Plan and Preserve  Fitzroy  $48 million
Goorganga Plains Upgrade—Plan and Preserve  Mackay/Whitsunday  $15 million
Rockhampton Ring Road—Plan and Preserve  Fitzroy  $65 million
Childers Bypass—Plan and Preserve  Wide Bay/Burnett  $8 million
Tiaro Flood Immunity Upgrade  Wide Bay/Burnett  $107 million
Maroochydore Road Interchange Upgrade—Stage 1  North Coast  $187 million
Pine River to Caloundra Road Interchange Planning  North Coast  $8 million
Managed Motorways (Gateway Motorway to Caboolture)  North Coast $105 million  

Bruce Highway safety package—$1.217 billion commitment

The Bruce Highway Safety Package looks to improve the overall safety of the highway. The types of work currently included as part of this package include:

  • widening high-priority sections of pavement for wide centre line treatment
  • installing barriers and intersection treatments at high-priority locations that coincide with priority widening locations
  • installing safety barriers at high risk sites
  • improvements to signs, lines and guidance systems.
Project  District Committed Funds
Moglino Road intersection upgrade/ South of Bob's Creek Safety works  Fitzroy $7.25 million

Bruce Highway pavement widening

Widening of narrow sections of Bruce Highway and installing wide centre line for greater separation of opposing traffic, road side barriers and intersection improvements to enhance road safety.

Bruce Highway overtaking lanes package—$369 million commitment

This package will construct overtaking lanes in areas that lack overtaking opportunities on 2-way 2-lane roads. Overtaking lanes can be added to high-speed 2-lane roads in situations where the overtaking of slower moving vehicles is only possible when there is a suitable gap in the oncoming traffic and sufficient sight distance at a location.

Between July 2013 and June 2022, overtaking lane projects are being scheduled for delivery as a part of this important package.

Project District Committed funds
Mailman Road to Mackenzie Creek Northern $43 million
Collingvale Mackay Whitsunday $12.57 million
St Lawrence  Mackay Whitsunday $14.8 million

Bruce Highway black spots—$171 million commitment

Black spots are road locations that have a record of large numbers of crashes. There are often common problems at these sites which can be treated with engineering methods, such as new or revised traffic signals, provision of protected right turn facilities, shoulder sealing, road delineation and removal and/or shielding of roadside hazards. 

Bruce Highway rest areas package—$45 million commitment

Rest areas are locations where all road users can stop their vehicles and achieve effective rest, thereby supporting safety outcomes.

Since July 2013, 27 new rest areas/stopping places have been constructed and 7 existing rest areas/stopping places have been improved as part of the Bruce Highway rest areas package.

Last updated
18 December 2019