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What is piling?

The Mackay Ring Road (Stage 1) involves the construction of 13 bridges (4 water crossings and 9 overpass structures), which will require a total of 462 piles for the project.

Piles are large columns generally made from reinforced concrete or steel and can take between 1—2 days to install, depending on their length and size. The installation of ‘piles’ into the ground creates a stable foundation to support the construction of bridges, structures and buildings by transferring the weight of the structure into the ground.

Piles are either bored or driven into the ground using a combination of cranes, piling rigs and vibrating hammers.

Bored piling

Bored piling involves the use of a vibrating hammer to drive a permanent steel lining into the ground. Then a piling rig is used to drill into the ground to create a hole, removing material from within the newly installed liner. A total of 50 bored piles are required for the project.

Once a strong foundation has been reached at the base of the hole, a steel prefabricated reinforcement cage is lowered into the hole. Concrete is then poured into the hole to form the pile and once the concrete sets, the bored pile is complete.

Driven piling

Driven piling involves hammering a precast (or pre-made) concrete pile into the ground to a determined depth, using a piling rig. A total of 412 driven piles are required for the project. 

Impacts of piling

Piling can be noisy and may create ground vibrations. To minimise the risk of exceeding allowable limits, noise and vibration monitoring is undertaken during piling works.

Property condition surveys have been offered to all properties within 100 metres of works. Survey reports are provided to property owners. If required, a further property condition survey can be undertaken upon completion of the roadworks.

Media gallery

Image of cranes position the piles into place at a Mackay Ring Road work site
Cranes position the piles into place.

Image of first pile being placed on Mackay Ring Road work site.
First pile on Mackay Ring Road site.

Image of piling works being carried out at Pioneer River crossing.
Piling works, Pioneer River crossing.

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