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Caloundra Road/Nicklin Way/Pelican Waters Boulevard roundabout metering signals


The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) has undertaken a $1 million project to install roundabout metering signals at Caloundra Road, Nicklin Way and Pelican Waters Boulevard intersection.


Caloundra Road, Nicklin Way and Pelican Waters Boulevard intersection in Caloundra.


Roundabout metering signals have been installed at all four entries to the intersection to balance delays, improve travel time reliability, reduce excessive queuing and enhance safety during peak traffic periods. The metering signals will also improve access for emergency vehicles and assist to clear queues during incidents.


The Queensland Government allocated $1 million in funding to install the roundabout metering signals.

North Coast and Wide Bay-Burnett Region - North Coast District

Project info

The roundabout at the Caloundra Road, Nicklin Way and Pelican Waters Boulevard intersection currently experiences significant queuing at the approach coming out of the Caloundra CBD during the afternoon peak. TMR has undertaken a $1 million project to install metering signals and vehicle detection sensors at each entry to this busy roundabout. The new roundabout metering signals will balance delays and reduce excessive queuing during peak traffic periods.

Unlike normal traffic lights, the roundabout metering signals will only operate when traffic builds up – at all other times normal roundabout rules will apply. TMR anticipates the metering signals to operate throughout the week, including weekends. However, one of the main aims of the metering signals is to help traffic get out of the Caloundra CBD between the Monday and Friday afternoon peak.

Traffic signal not lit When the signal is not lit, enter and exit the roundabout as usual. Normal road rules apply.  

Traffic signal with yellow light lit When the signal is yellow, motorists are required to stop, unless it is unsafe to do so.

Traffic signal with red light lit When the signal is red, motorists are required to stop and wait for the signals to turn off before entering the roundabout. 

Queue detectors have been installed on all roundabout entries and the metering signals will be activated when the detectors show a significant traffic build up. This will allow more traffic to enter the roundabout from the busiest approach.

At all other times, the roundabout metering signals will not operate and will remain unlit. Motorists can then enter the roundabout using normal roundabout rules.

More details are included in the project factsheet and project layout.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras have also been installed at each entry to the roundabout so TMR can monitor the metering signals. During the first few months of operation, some adjustments may need to be made. This may include changes to signal timing and coordination to ensure the system is working effectively. Your patience is appreciated during the initial settling-in period.

To improve visibility and safety for road users, some vegetation clearing was undertaken in the roundabout centre.

Clearing work involved removing shrubs and trees within motorist sight lines at each leg of the roundabout. TMR kept  clearing works to a minimum to mitigate environmental impacts. 

Planning for the future

The roundabout metering signals are an interim measure to improve traffic flow at this busy intersection. Funding of $500,000 has also been allocated to undertake transport planning to progress further staged improvements in this area. Funding to progress this planning through to design and construction is currently not available.

Funding for transport infrastructure is allocated through the Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program in accordance with state-wide priorities. As with all projects, any upgrade to this intersection will compete for funding against other priority infrastructure projects across the state-controlled network. 

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