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Clermont-Alpha Road: pave and seal


Progressive pave and seal of about 17km of the Clermont-Alpha Road, over multiple locations between Clermont and Alpha.

The road is about 179km in length with 88km sealed and 91km unsealed (about 50% unsealed).

The project has been divided into 3 packages of work which will be undertaken progressively during a 16-month period commencing March 2018. 


The project packages are located at north of Alpha (Package 1,2 and 3 in Central West district) and west of Clermont (Package 2 in Mackay district).

  • Package 1: Ch132.58km to Ch137.58km (Central West District)
  • Package 2: Ch34.58km to 39.5km (Mackay District), Ch116.96km to Ch123.65km, Ch120.4km to Ch123.5km and Ch129.31km to Ch132.58km (Central West District)
  • Package 3: Ch114.42km to Ch116.968km (Central West District).

Mid 2019, weather permitting.

  • Package 1: Construction commenced in March 2018 and achieved practical completion on 24 August 2018.
  • Package 2: Procurement was completed in June 2018 and construction commenced in July 2018 on the project in Central West.
    • The Central West section was completed in March 2019.
    • Mackay section of Package 2 will commence construction in late April 2019 for completion end of June 2019.
  • Package 3: Procurement commenced in July 2018. Construction started in March 2019.

The Clermont-Alpha Road has been identified as a key strategic route supporting the economic development of the beef industry in central western Queensland. The project has an important role in unlocking the potential of the beef supply chain. It is also a key route supporting development in northern Australia.

The paving and sealing on the Clermont-Alpha Road delivers upgraded infrastructure for central western Queensland to provide an integrated, safe and reliable transport network, which connects agricultural communities to markets and stimulates economic growth and workforce participation.

Growth and sustainability in the tourism, agriculture and resources sectors will be dependent on a safe and reliable regional road network.


Barcaldine Regional Council (Central West sections) / RoadTek (Mackay/Whitsunday sections).


The $8.71 million Northern Australian Beef Roads Program project is jointly funded by Federal and State Government. Australian Government ($6.968 million) and Queensland Government ($1.742 million).

  • Package 1: $2.5 million project in Central West.
  • Package 2: $5.01 million with projects in Central West and Mackay/Whitsunday Districts.
  • Package 3: $1.2 million project in Central West.
Central Region - Central West District, Central Region - Mackay Whitsunday District

Project info

On 24 October 2016, the Australian Government announced the commitment of $100 million in funding to improve roads essential to cattle transportation.

The project involves pavement construction and bitumen sealing of 17km of the Clermont-Alpha Road from a gravel road to an 8.0 metre bitumen seal on an 8.0 metre formation

The sealing will provide two 3.0m traffic lanes and two 1.0m sealed shoulders providing increased protection and width for cattle loaded road trains.Replacement of existing road furniture including guide posts, signs and depth indicators.

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Phone: 07 4651 2777
Post: PO Box 3
Barcaldine QLD 4725

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Project map

Package 1 – Construction phase

Package 1 – Construction phase

Package 1 – Construction phase

Package 1 – Construction phase

Package 2 – Construction Phase

Package 2 – Construction phase

Last updated
26 March 2019