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North Coast Connect Project


The North Coast Connect consortium comprising Stockland, SMEC, Urbis and KPMG received Australian Government funding to develop a business case investigating faster rail from Nambour to Brisbane, with a spur line to Maroochydore.


Nambour to Brisbane.


The North Coast Connect consortium has provided the business case to the Australian Government. The business case will be subject to consideration by the Australian Government in 2020.


There is currently no commitment to fund the North Coast Connect proposal by local, state or federal government.

North Coast and Wide Bay-Burnett Region - North Coast District

Project info

Queensland Government involvement in North Coast Connect

The Queensland Government provided the business case for the Beerburrum to Nambour Rail Upgrade Project as an in-kind contribution to the North Coast Connect consortium to assist with the development of their proposal.

Queensland Government representatives attend the North Coast Connect Steering Committee and Technical Working Group as observers only.

Any proposal for faster rail will need to complement the existing network, appropriately address future network requirements and include consideration of staging and integration with related network enhancements. Viability considerations include compliance with stringent environmental impact requirements and technical feasibility considerations. Infrastructure investments in Queensland are subject to statewide prioritisation and funding availability.

Queensland Government related projects and priorities

The Queensland Government, through the Department of Transport and Main Roads, is committed to ensuring the delivery of a single integrated transport network accessible to everyone and is continuing to progress planning and projects to improve rail travel and increase network capacity across the South East Queensland rail network.

Queensland Government priorities for the Sunshine Coast/Moreton Bay to Brisbane area include:

Beerburrum to Nambour Rail Upgrade Project

The Beerburrum to Nambour Rail Upgrade Project will involve the duplication of the rail line between Beerburrum and Landsborough, and upgrades between Landsborough and Nambour, including station upgrades and passing loops.

The project aims to deliver the following benefits:

  • travel time savings for peak commuter services, long distance passenger services and freight services
  • attract more passengers and freight customers onto rail services through efficient, accessible and reliable rail infrastructure
  • more integrated transport system, providing additional car parks along the corridor as well as additional bus/rail interchange facilities at Landsborough 
  • fewer cars heading south towards Caboolture in the AM peak period and fewer cars heading north in the PM peak period
  • fewer delays to services on this section of line as a result of increased track capacity enabling the system to recover from disturbances and minimise conflicts between services.

Further project information can be found on our Beerburrum to Nambour Rail Upgrade page.

Cross River Rail

The Queensland Government’s highest priority infrastructure project is funded and under construction. This $5.4 billion project will unlock the inner-city core and unleash the potential of the rail network. The project will deliver a more efficient and reliable network and will enable a number of network enhancement projects to be brought forward to support an increase in services, across the wider rail network.

Further information about this project can be found at

Caboolture to Maroochydore Study (CAMCOS) Corridor

The Queensland Government continues to protect the CAMCOS corridor for the future. The CAMCOS corridor allows for a future public transport spine for the Sunshine Coast, linking the coastal urban area to Brisbane.

Further project information can be found on our Caboolture to Maroochydore Corridor Study page.

Last updated
20 January 2020