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Pacific Motorway Upgrade: M1/M3 Gateway merge


The Pacific Motorway southbound in the vicinity of the Gateway Motorway merge at Eight Mile Plains experiences high levels of congestion. It is operating over capacity during the afternoon peak resulting in significant delays and unreliable travel times. 


Eight Mile Plains to Rochedale.


Improved traffic flows, safety and reduced travel times.


Lendlease Engineering Pty Ltd.


The project is jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland governments with the Australian Government providing $115 million and the Queensland Government providing the remaining costs of the project.

$195.3 million has been outlined in the Queensland Transport and Roads Investment Program 2019-20 to 2022-23.

South Coast Region

Project info

The upgrade of the southbound section of the Pacific Motorway M1/M3/Gateway merge will improve these congestion issues.

The upgrade includes:

  • up to 5 southbound lanes on the Pacific Motorway between Eight Mile Plains and Rochedale South (Exit 19)
  • the relocation of the existing bus entry from the Eight Mile Plains Bus Station onto the Pacific Motorway
  • replacement of the Underwood Road bridge to a new 4 lane overpass
  • smart motorway technologies from Klumpp Road to Rochedale Road.

This project is part of the Pacific Motorway M1 North upgrade program being delivered in priority stages as funding becomes available.

Key milestones

  • Late 2017: Contract awarded/design
  • Mid-2018: Construction commenced
  • Early 2020: Project completion expected (weather and construction conditions permitting).


The M1/M3 Gateway merge project aspires to undertake design and construction activities in line with the Lendlease Engineering Environment Policy, Lendlease Sustainability Framework and the Department of Transport and Main Roads’ Scope of Works and Technical Criteria Appendix 26 – Sustainability.

The project team is committed to continual improvement with the aspiration of achieving net positive impacts by means of restorative actions both during design and construction phases of the project.

The M1/M3 Gateway merge project team aspires to:

  • ensure that people’s health and wellbeing are put first 
  • explore available clean energy options for both design and construction
  • reduce the project’s reliance on potable water by exploring alternatives
  • promote workforce development opportunities
  • reduce waste to landfill by reducing, reusing, recycling or refusing
  • pursue and reward innovation in design and construction
  • consider environmental, social, economic and governance outcomes in significant decisions
  • engage with suppliers and subcontractors to procure materials and use the materials responsibly
  • work with the local community to leave a positive legacy
  • include strategies for adaptation to climate change into the project’s design
  • advance diversity and inclusiveness
  • respect and value the natural environment and enhance biodiversity.

Collectively these initiatives, in coordination with the objectives and targets detailed within the M1/M3 Gateway merge project Sustainability Management Plan, will ensure the project optimises environmental, social and economic outcomes.

Contact details

Phone: 1800 571 816
Fax: 07 5563 6611

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Residents and motorists are encouraged to subscribe to the free email and SMS traffic alert update service for this project. Register with the project team through the contact details.

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Changed traffic conditions and night works—Pacific Motorway, Klumpp Road to Rochedale Road

As part of the M1/M3/Gateway Merge upgrade, a suite of smart technologies are being installed on the Pacific Motorway between Klumpp Road and Rochedale Road. 

The smart technologies will be used to manage traffic flow, delay congestion, reduce 'stop-start' travel, improve travel time and increase safety for motorists.

These new smart technologies include the installation of overhead electronic signage at a number of locations between Klumpp Road and Rochedale Road. The signs will be installed on gantries over the Pacific Motorway (M1) to manage each lane of the roadway. 

To minimise impact to motorists, testing will be completed at night from 7pm-5am, Sunday to Friday from Sunday 2 February for approximately 2 weeks, weather and construction conditions permitting. The sign display will be tested, including flashing arrows, crosses and speed limits ranging from 40km/h to 100km/h.

Additional temporary signage will be installed to advise motorists that testing is taking place and to ignore the overhead signage and speed limits during testing. During testing, motorists are advised to follow the existing signs next to the motorway.

Wide loads travelling through the M1/M3/Gateway Merge

Effective from Monday 1 July 2018 until early 2020, the width of the northbound and southbound lanes of the Pacific Motorway between the Logan Road onramp and the Rochedale Road offramp will be reduced.

Restrictions are in place for wide loads travelling on the Pacific Motorway within the project area during night time periods. 

If travel is required at night on the Pacific Motorway within the project area for loads wider than 3.2 metres, between 9pm-5am, the following process applies:

Before travel: Email a minimum 5 days prior to the intended travel date with details of the load, including company, width, height, intended travel date, intended travel direction and approximate time. Lendlease will approve via return email if the load can be accommodated.

On the night of travel: Make contact with traffic controllers onsite via UHF to advise of the load on approach.

While travelling through the site, it is the responsibility of the operator to ensure traffic control devices are not damaged. If moved, traffic control devices are to be reinstated immediately by the operator. 

There are no traffic controllers available on site to assist wide loads.

Night works: Pacific Motorway and Gateway Motorway, Rochedale

From 1 July there will be intermittent construction activities carried out at night on the Pacific Motorway between Logan Road and Rochedale Road, from 7pm to 5am Monday to Friday, and 7pm to 7am Saturday and Sunday. Motorists can expect minor delays.

Some works will also take place on the Gateway Motorway, Rochedale and the southbound onramp. There will be a considerable increase in travel time if using this on-ramp. 

Works will include line marking, sign and barrier installation and some tree clearing.  These works take place at night when traffic volumes are lower to minimise impacts to motorway traffic.

Traffic control, including temporary lane closures will be in place. 

Seek alternative routes whenever possible.

Reduced speed limits: Pacific Motorway and Gateway Motorway, Rochedale

From 1 July 2018, the posted speed limit will be reduced to 80km/hr within the project area (please see map below for clarification on project area.)

The speed limit on local roads including Rochedale Road, Underwood Road and School Road will also be reduced during construction works. 

The reduced speed limit will remain in place throughout construction to ensure the safety of motorists and workers.

Underwood Road bridge removal and motorway detours – July 2019

From early July to early August 2019, high impact construction activities will be undertaken to remove the existing Underwood Road bridge over the Pacific Motorway at Eight Mile Plains.

Most of the bridge removal will take place at night, due to the proximity of this work to live traffic lanes, and to minimise impacts to motorists. 

Intermittent temporary lane closures and temporary closures of the Pacific Motorway northbound and southbound will be in place between Upper Mount Gravatt and Springwood at night during these works.

For further information regarding this construction activity and traffic impacts, please refer to the construction update.

Information regarding nightly traffic impacts will be distributed via SMS. Residents and motorists are encouraged to subscribe to the free SMS traffic alert update service for this project. 

For up-to-date information on traffic conditions please visit or call 13 19 40.

Please contact the project team at 1800 571 816 or to subscribe.

Northbound detour: July 2019
Northbound detour

Southbound detour: July 2019
Southbound detour

Last updated
29 January 2020