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Richmond – Winton Road: progressive sealing


$4.7 million progressive seal project of Richmond – Winton Road funded under the Northern Australia Beef Roads Programme.


The Richmond – Winton Road is about 75 kilometres north west of Winton, off the Landsborough Highway.

  • Package 1 -  is located approximately 108 kilometres south of Richmond.
  • Package 2 - is located approximately 112 kilometres south of Richmond.

Package 1 and 2 are scheduled for completion in mid-2019, weather permitting.


The $100 million Beef Roads programme is providing targeted upgrades to key roads necessary for transporting cattle to improve the reliability, productivity and resilience of cattle supply chains in northern Australia, thereby reducing freight costs and strengthening links to markets.

The Beef Roads will deliver:

  • improved productivity and travel times by sealing unsealed sections of road, resulting in higher travel speeds and reduced transport costs
  • improved accessibility by sealing unsealed sections of road supporting high-productivity vehicles access 
  • improved road safety by providing adequate seal width for overtaking and passing vehicles and improved visibility by reducing dust and flying rock
  • improved route reliability and reduced road closures during the wet season and instances of vehicles getting bogged in wet unsealed pavements
  • reduced damage and stress to livestock by reducing road roughness and dust generation
  • reduced whole-of-life asset management costs. 

  • Package 1 - Winton Shire Council and Richmond Shire Council.
  • Package 2 – Winton Shire Council.

The $4.7 million Northern Australian Beef Roads Programme project is jointly funded by Federal and State Government.

  • $3.77 million – Australian Government.
  • $940,000 – Queensland Government.
Central Region - Central West District, North Queensland Region

Project info

On 24 October 2016, the Australian Government announced the commitment of $100 million in funding to improve roads essential to cattle transportation.

The Northern Australia Roads Programme forms part of the White Paper for Developing Northern Australia, a $600 million commitment to enable upgrades to high priority roads in northern Australia essential to the movement of people and freight to support economic development in the north.

The project involves:

  • pavement construction and bitumen sealing of 6.55 kilometres of the Richmond-Winton Road from a gravel road to a 7.0 metre bitumen seal on an 8.0 metre formation
  • the sealing will provide two 3.0 metre traffic lanes and two 0.5 metre sealed shoulders providing increased protection and width for cattle loaded road trains.
  • replacement of existing road furniture including guide posts, signs and depth indicators.

View the media release.

Contact details

Phone: 07 4651 2777
Post: PO Box 3
Barcaldine QLD 4725

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Richmond – Winton Road: progressive sealing
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05 March 2019