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Riverway Drive Stage 2 (Allambie Lane to Dunlop Street) project


The Riverway Drive Stage 2 project will assess the safety and efficiency of Riverway Drive in Townsville, between Allambie Lane and Dunlop Street, and will be followed by planning for upgrades.

Riverway Drive Stage 1 (between Gollogly Lane and Allambie Lane) was completed in October 2018.


Riverway Drive, between Allambie Lane and Dunlop Street, Townsville.


The planning project aims to improve road safety, efficiency and travel time reliability on Riverway Drive.

North Queensland Region - Northern District

Project info

Riverway Drive is located within the suburb of Kelso, about 20km south-west of Townsville's CBD and is part of the broader area, known collectively as the Upper Ross.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) recently completed the duplication of Riverway Drive between Gollogly Lane and Allambie Lane, improving efficiency and safety.

TMR will now carry out an assessment of the section further south, between Allambie Lane and Dunlop Street. This assessment will include traffic modelling and analysis and will help guide planning work to develop an Options Analysis and Business Case. The business case will seek funding for upgrades to improve safety as a priority. TMR will investigate and address capacity issues as part of the project planning.  

The Options Analysis is expected to be complete in late 2019. The Business Case for the Riverway Drive (Allambie Lane to Dunlop Street) project is expected to be completed in mid-2020.

The detailed design and construction of the recommended upgrades would then be dependent on TMR securing the required funding.

Community info

The project’s Customer and Stakeholder Management Team is committed to listening to stakeholders and values all community feedback received during project planning.

Contact details

Phone: 1800 625 648


Riverway Drive duplication stage 2: map
Last updated
11 November 2019