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Sunshine Coast University Hospital access improvements


A $22 million funding package was allocated to improve access to the new Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH) at Birtinya. 4 roundabouts on Kawana Way have been upgraded and additional lanes have been installed at Kawana Way Link Road (also known as Caloundra-Mooloolaba Road) and Kawana Way in the vicinity of Woodlands Boulevard. Investigations are continuing into further improvements.


Various locations near the Kawana health precinct.


The Kawana Way roundabout upgrades were completed at the end of February 2017. Capacity improvements at Kawana Way Link Road (also known as Caloundra-Mooloolaba Road) from Woodlands Boulevard to the Kawana Way / Creekside Boulevard intersection were completed in March 2017.


The project will improve access to the new SCUH.


$22 million project funded by the Queensland Government under the State Infrastructure Plan.

North Coast Region

Project info

Nicklin Way upgrade Main Drive to Waterview Street and connecting Production Avenue to Kawana Way

An additional northbound traffic lane will be introduced on Nicklin Way from just south of Main Drive through to Waterview Street, allowing more traffic to clear the 3 intersections on each signal cycle. Traffic turning right from Nicklin Way into Main Drive will be allocated more green arrow time to cater for the additional traffic heading towards the hospital.

Nicklin Way intersections at Main Drive, Production Avenue and Waterview Street will be upgraded - including introducing traffic signals at Production Avenue to improve safety and efficiency.

The upgrade will also include provision for active transport, and provide a left-out lane from Production Avenue/Technology Drive to Kawana Way, which will distribute traffic more evenly across the network. While some on-street parking will need to be removed for safety reasons, the upgrade provide indented on-street parking on Nicklin Way where it is safe and cost effective to do so.  

Early planning is complete following extensive technical investigations and rigorous community engagement. The detailed design for the upgrade will be finalised later this year. Construction is expected to start in the first half of 2018. Construction program details will be provided as the project progresses.

View our revised layout maps for more detail about the Nicklin Way upgrades between Main Drive and Waterview Street: 

Kawana Way roundabouts

Kawana Way roundabouts at Jamaica Way, Kawana Island Boulevard, Premier Circuit and Metier Linkway have been upgraded to include 2 through lanes for Kawana Way.

View our layout maps for more detail about the Jamaica Way and Kawana Island Boulevard roundabout upgrades.

Signals on the approaches to the Kawana Island Boulevard roundabout

Approaches to the Kawana Island Boulevard roundabout have been fitted with amber and red signals to control traffic accessing the roundabout. The traffic signals will work in conjunction with in-pavement vehicle detectors located on approach to the roundabout, to create gaps in the flow of traffic along Kawana Way during peak periods. This will help manage traffic on Kawana Island Boulevard and improve traffic flow. The technique is known as roundabout metering. Once motorists reach the give way line at the roundabout-normal roundabout rules apply.

The new roundabout metering signals feature amber and red lights, along with a sign instructing motorists to ‘stop on red signal’ before they reach the roundabout. In addition, a new CCTV camera will monitor traffic conditions.

The signals will be triggered when loops in the road detect traffic queuing. On the Kawana Way southern approach, loops are located 100m and 200m from the stop line to meter the Kawana Island approach, the two sets of loops will enable TMR to run different time settings depending on the level of congestion.

Kawana Island Boulevard approach loops are located at 63m from the stop line to meter the Kawana Way northern approach. TMR will be closely monitoring the signals and traffic conditions during the initial months after the upgrades are complete. Traffic engineers will refine the trigger points over time, depending on traffic conditions.

Roundabout metering signals are also in place on Karawatha Drive on the approach to the roundabout that intersects with the Sunshine Motorway/Mountain Creek off-ramp to create gaps in the flow of traffic from Karawatha Drive during peak periods.

Roundabout metering is already in place on the eastern end of Kawana Island Boulevard at the intersection with Melody Court on Sunshine Coast Council-controlled roads.

In addition, roundabout metering has been in place for many years in the Brisbane suburb of Toowong at the Mount Cootha Road roundabout.

Unlike normal traffic lights, the signals only operate when traffic builds up - at all other times normal roundabout rules will apply.
The signal displays will be red and yellow, (there will be no green):  

  • Red means drivers must stop
  • Yellow means prepare to stop

If there is no red or yellow signal, drivers can move to the roundabout, following the usual roundabout rules, and give way.

Kawana Way Link Road from just south of Woodlands Boulevard to Creekside Boulevard/Kawana Way intersection

Capacity has been improved at Kawana Way Link Road from just south of Woodlands Boulevard to Creekside Boulevard/Kawana Way intersection, south of the SCUH.

View our layout map for more detail about the Kawana Way Link Road capacity improvements.

SCUH interagency taskforce

An interagency Queensland Government taskforce was established in late 2015.

The taskforce is being led by Transport and Main Roads North Coast Regional Director Ms Barbara Van Heerden and members:

  • Mr Kevin Hegarty, Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Services and Department of Health
  • Mr Warren Bunker, Sunshine Coast Council
  • Ms Iona Beauly, University of the Sunshine Coast
  • Ms Frances Bottle, Department of State Development
  • Mr Tony Riddle, Regional Development Australia
  • Mr Garth Nolan, Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning
  • Mr Andy Meyer, Transport and Main Roads.

Emergency Vehicle Priority (EVP) technology

The department has upgraded signalised intersections along Nicklin Way and Kawana Way with technology that will give green lights to emergency service vehicles with priority cases.

The technology will be switched on once the hospital is open and has improved response times in other areas across Queensland where it has been applied. 

View our Emergency Vehicle Priority page for more information.

Key milestones 

  • July 2016: construction started on upgrades to 4 roundabouts on Kawana Way.
  • October 2016: construction started on capacity improvements on Kawana Way Link Road from just south of Woodlands Boulevard to the Creekside Boulevard/Kawana Way intersection.
  • February 2017: 4 roundabouts on Kawana Way upgraded.
  • March 2017: capacity improved on Kawana Way Link Road.
  • June 2017: consultation started with stakeholders impacted by the preferred option for Nicklin Way upgrades between Main Drive and Waterview Street and connecting Production Avenue to Kawana Way.
  • September 2017: Revised layouts released for Nicklin Way upgrades between Main Drive and Waterview Street

Kawana Way / Metier Linkway roundabout

Upgrades complete at Kawana Way/Metier Linkway roundabout.

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