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Townsville Eastern Access Rail Corridor


The Townsville Eastern Access Rail Corridor project is a proposed rail freight line connecting the North Coast rail line directly into the Port of Townsville.



Northern Region

Project info

Infrastructure constraints and inefficiencies limit the existing rail network into the Port of Townsville, impacting freight throughput.

The Townsville Eastern Access Rail Corridor (TEARC) project is a proposed 8km rail freight line which would connect the North Coast rail line directly into the Port of Townsville through the Townsville State Development Area via a path parallel to the Port Access Road.

Potential benefits of the project include: 

  • Allowing 1.4 km long trains to access the Port of Townsville. Currently train lengths are limited to 1000 m on the Mt Isa line and 650m on the North Coast line.  
  • Create capacity for the growing tonnage demand on the Mt Isa rail system, a critical link between the mines in the North West Queensland Minerals Province and the Port. 
  • Improve traffic flow, amenity and safety in the city centre by reducing the number of freight trains that use the current line.

Attached below is the Summary Report of the TEARC business case study.

In November 2017 Building Queensland completed a detailed business case, assessing the viability of the TEARC project, considering the future demand and freight capacity along the supply chain. The business case concluded that the current costs of proceeding with the new line significantly outweighed the project benefits.

Building Queensland's findings were presented and accepted by the Queensland Government in early 2018. The Australian Government will review Building Queensland's business case and see independent advice on the viability of the project.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads is committed to preserving the project corridor to ensure the corridor is available when required. This will include gazetting the corridor, meeting environmental obligations and the possible acquisition of land.

Community info

The project’s Customer and Stakeholder Management team is committed to engaging with stakeholders and values all community feedback during the project’s planning and construction.

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Phone: 1800 625 648

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Image of Townsville Eastern Access Rail Corridor

Last updated
27 February 2019