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Warrego Highway Upgrade Program: Jondaryan - Sabine Road Intersection Upgrade


The department improved highway safety by providing a traffic intersection that could accommodate heavy vehicle manoeuvres onto and off the Warrego Highway at Sabine Road.




January 2017

  • Improved motorist safety by providing a traffic intersection that accommodates heavy vehicle movements, reducing vehicle queues and the risk of accidents.
  • Improved freight efficiency and productivity by facilitating freight vehicle access to adjacent mining, wheat and beef industry enterprises.

Hazell Brothers.


$6 million as part of the Warrego Highway Upgrade Program (WHUP), 80% funded by the federal government and 20% by the state government.

Downs South West Region

Project info

The project implemented the following works at the Jondaryan–Sabine Road intersection with the Warrego Highway, immediately east of the township of Jondaryan:

  • widening of existing pavement by up to 12m to allow sufficient space for safe traffic movements and storage, including the widening of adjacent culverts
  • sufficient space for at least one B-Double vehicle between the rail and road through lanes
  • sufficient allowance for deceleration and further B-Double storage on the highway from both eastern and western approaches. A 10 year (2028) design traffic queue length has been used.

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The completed intersection at Jondaryn-Sabine Rd
The completed intersection at Jondaryan-Sabine Rd.
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01 November 2018