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Warrego Highway Upgrade Program: Oakey to Dalby Overtaking Lanes


The department has provided 8 additional overtaking lanes – 4 eastbound and 4 westbound - at 4 key sites between Oakey and Dalby.


Between Oakey and Dalby.


September 2017.


Improving motorist safety and freight movement by providing more opportunity to overtake slower traffic.


FK Gardner and Sons.


$44 million.

Downs South West Region

Project info

This section of the Warrego Highway between Oakey and Dalby has been the scene of numerous accidents involving overtaking manoeuvres. A high proportion of heavy vehicles (in excess of 26% with 37% of them being Type 1 road trains and B-doubles) use this section of the highway. There is also increasing morning and evening commuter traffic between Toowoomba and the Surat Basin. 

The department considered various options to improve road safety and provide a 4-lane divided road between Toowoomba and Dalby. 

This 47.2km section has 6 existing overtaking lanes, 3 in each direction. The addition of 8 overtaking lanes will take the average spacing of 11km between overtaking lanes to an average spacing of 5km between overtaking lanes. The overtaking lanes are located at:

  • Between Devon Park Road and Cockburn Road intersections
  • Between Malu Road and Bowenville, 2.5km west of the existing overtaking lanes at Malu
  • 5.3km west of the existing overtaking lanes at Auchmah
  • Between Griffiths Road and Blaxland South Road.
Last updated
01 November 2018