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Transport and Main Roads (TMR) plans, manages and delivers transport infrastructure with a vision to ‘create a single integrated transport network accessible to everyone’ through an accessible, safe, responsive, efficient and sustainable transport system. Through the QTRIP, the department enhances road safety, increases freight productivity and improves reliability of the transport network. It also supports local government and Indigenous communities in delivering local transport infrastructure upgrades.

QTRIP provides transparency about current and planned investment in transport infrastructure across Queensland over the next four years. QTRIP helps integrate transport and land-use planning to support sustainable transport solutions and multi-modal needs.

QTRIP includes works for Transport and Main Roads, Queensland Rail and Gold Coast Waterways Authority. QTRIP investment spans road, rail, bus, cycling and maritime infrastructure on freight, commuter and recreational networks.

QTRIP is developed in accordance with funding allocations identified by the Australian Government and Queensland Government in their annual budgets, which align to both governments’ policy objectives. Funding allocations in the tables within this document have been rounded to the nearest thousand dollars.

Strategic intent

The strategic intent of QTRIP is guided and shaped by national and state government policy objectives and agendas.

Various Queensland Government strategies and plans establish high level transport objectives and strategic outcomes for the development of QTRIP (see Figure 1).

Resources used to create QTRIP (description on the page)
Figure 1: QTRIP guiding strategies and plans

Government policy objectives and national and state agendas inform the State Infrastructure Plan, which informs several Queensland Government strategies and plans guiding the QTRIP, including:

  • Queensland Transport Strategy
  • TMR Strategic Plan 2019-2023
  • Transport Coordination Plan 2017-2027
  • Regional Transport Plans.

These plans and strategies all align with relevant legislation, including the Transport Infrastructure Act 1994 and the Transport Planning and Coordination Act 1994.

Reflects QTRIP 2021-22 to 2024-25 (as at 15 June 2021).