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Tourist and heritage operators

Tourist and heritage railways are important to Queensland for social, economic and historical reasons, including contributing to regional tourism and sustaining Queensland's cultural heritage. Tourist and heritage railways are generally not-for-profit organisations focused on the preservation and operation of historic railway experiences, rolling stock or rail infrastructure.

Tourist and heritage railways offer numerous benefits to Queensland by providing:

  • volunteer and paid jobs
  • tourist attractions that have a positive flow-on effect to local business
  • benefits to volunteers, such as social interactions and satisfaction from preserving and recreating rail history
  • important rail history in Queensland.

Annual accreditation fees

From 1 July 2017, the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator undertook all rail safety regulation services in Queensland. 

In recognition of the important contribution tourist and heritage railways make to Queensland's tourism industry and cultural heritage, the Department of Transport and Main Roads is committed to funding annual accreditation fees on behalf of tourist and heritage operators whose principal state of accreditation is Queensland. Under this arrangement, the regulator will invoice us directly for the annual accreditation fees (fixed and variable). Tourist and heritage operators will still be required to pay adhoc application fees (at a reduced rate of 10% of the standard rate) under the Rail Safety National Law.

Last updated
20 December 2018