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Personal Mobility Device Safety Action Plan

Electric scooter rider on path with bicycle rider on path in background.

The Personal Mobility Device Safety Action Plan contains actions which aim to improve the safety of personal mobility devices for all path and road users in Queensland. Personal mobility devices include a range of devices such as electric scooters, electric skateboards, and self-balancing one or 2-wheeled devices.  

Our plan balances community safety with the emerging role of personal mobility devices in the broader mobility ecosystem. View the action plan online.


We’ll be planning to complete:

  • short-term actions within 3 months
  • medium-term actions 3-6 months
  • long-term actions 12 months and more

Some actions include:

  • improvements around the safety of shared electric scooters
  • education campaigns to increase awareness of rules and safe riding behaviours
  • a commitment to investigate more effective enforcement options. 


At the end of 2021, representatives from a broad range of stakeholder groups came together for a roundtable discussion on personal mobility device safety. These groups included, local councils, health, police, personal mobility devices users and industry, and other road safety advocates including pedestrian, disability, and bicycle advocates. The purpose of the event was to ensure all parties had a chance to share their views on key safety issues and opportunities to address these. From this feedback and subsequent stakeholder engagement, the action plan was developed. 

Learn the rules for personal mobility devices.

Last updated
14 June 2022