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Safety at roadworks

Queensland's current road infrastructure program is the largest in the state's history, with hundreds of projects planned or underway.

Safety at roadworks is an ongoing priority for the department to avoid accidents and fatalities at these busy workplaces.

Please remember, speed limits and roadwork signage at roadworks are in place for everyone's safety and are enforceable.

Information available

Video demonstrations Video demonstrations 
Seen the ads on TV and heard them on the radio?
Want to see what can really happen at a roadwork site?

Driving safely Driving safely through roadworks 
10 tips to get you through roadworks safely.

Hazard roadworks Hazards at roadworks 
What are the risks at roadwork sites and how can you avoid them?

Seeing signs Are you seeing the signs?
Recognise and understand commonly used roadwork signs.

Last updated
24 August 2017