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Driving safely through roadworks

More roadworks mean changed traffic and road conditions and the need for drivers to take care.

Here are 10 quick tips to help you get through roadworks safely:

  1. Look out for roadworkers: they may be hidden from your view.
  2. Slow down: roadwork speed limits apply at all times.
  3. Drive carefully: you may be liable for damage to your own or other vehicles.
  4. Follow roadworkers' instructions: they keep you safe from harm.
  5. Expect the unexpected: watch for vehicles entering or leaving the work area.
  6. Obey all signs: it's the law.
  7. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles, traffic barriers, construction equipment and roadworkers.
  8. Plan ahead: allow extra time for unexpected delays.
  9. Move into the correct lane in good time and stay there: unnecessary weaving can cause accidents.
  10. Be patient: we are building better and safer roads for the future.
Last updated
24 August 2017