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Hazards at roadworks

Roadworks can be hazardous for both roadworkers and road users. Even with the best of safety measures in place, accidents can happen when drivers do not heed roadwork signs and speed limits.

It is important that drivers take care around roadworks and adjust their driving to changed road and traffic conditions. These conditions will differ depending on the type of roadwork. Changed conditions may include:

  • unfinished road surfaces and uneven pavements
  • loose gravel and stones
  • altered lane widths
  • unexpected work vehicles entering and leaving sites
  • altered lane merges and road configurations
  • altered road shoulders.

Don't bump the bump truck

TruckBump trucks are part of the department's safety commitment. They block lanes of traffic to protect roadworkers, drivers and cars. They are often found at roadwork sites and have a large cushion shield on the back to prevent stray vehicles from crashing into work zones.

The raised arrow sign is the driver's cue to slow down and change lanes to where the arrow indicates.

Last updated
24 August 2017